10 Heart Healthy Tips

10 Heart Healthy Tips 10 Heart Healthy Tips

1. Increase soluble fiber

  • Helps remove waste and metabolites from the body
  • Flax seeds, oats and psyllium are excellent sources

2.    Increase antioxidants

  • Help protect the arteries from free radical damage
  • Berries, tomatoes and broccoli are great sources

3.    Increase magnesium

  • Helps to lower blood pressure and maintain regular heart rhythm
  • Spinach, seaweeds, black beans and raw cacao are excellent sources

4.    Stay hydrated

  • Water helps the heart pump blood more easily and allows muscles to flush waste so they can work efficiently
  • When calculating daily water intake, consider your body weight and activity level

5.    Increase omega 3 fatty acids

  • Helps decrease inflammation, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Flax, salmon, mackerel and walnuts are excellent sources

6.    Eat more vegetables

  • Phytosterols found in plants help to lower cholesterol absorption in the intestines
  • Add sweet potato or beets to hummus or spinach to a smoothie

7.    Watch out for white sugar and white flour products

  • Excess blood sugar is damaging to arterial walls and contributes to excess cholesterol production

8.    Go for garlic

  • Helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Also a great anti viral and source of antioxidants

9.    Reduce stress

  • Herbal teas such as Tulsi (Holy Basil) and chamomile are calming

10.  Move everyday

  • Aim for 20 minutes of cardio everyday. Why not walk to and from the grocery store!

By Kate McMurray Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Photo credit Imelenchon

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