3 Joyous Habits to Start Your Day Off Right

3 Joyous Habits to Start Your Day Off Right 3 Joyous Habits to Start Your Day Off Right
1. Start every day with a large glass of water and freshly squeezed lemon.

While this may seem totally obvious, the truth is not many of us are actually taking the time for this one very simple habit.

Here’s the deal: While you’ve been sleeping your liver is working hard to cleanse your body of unwanted waste products and those detoxification engines are churning. Plenty of acidic waste products are ready for elimination when you wake up. Drinking a large glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon upon waking is an absolutely fantastic way to start your day and aid your body in detoxification!

Lemon helps to alkalinize your system (important for cancer prevention), and give your liver a little extra love as it stimulates bile, which is a carrier of toxins and may help promote a healthy bowel movement.

2. Practice mindful eating at breakfast.

At least one meal per day, preferably at breakfast to start your day off right make a point of truly enjoying every delicious morsel. How do you do this? Eat in a peaceful environment and set aside time to eat, at least 20 to 30 minutes. This may mean you need to get up a bit earlier but you’ll be glad you did! This will allow you time to indulge all your senses in each delicious morsel. Notice the smell, taste and texture of every bite. You’ll be amazed at all the unique flavours you never noticed before.

The benefit of mindful eating is improved digestion because when you eat more slowly and chew your food longer,  you ease the burden of digestion on your stomach and intestines. You also become far more aware of what you are eating which naturally makes you want to eat healthier.

3. Think plant-centric.

Getting your day off on the right food means getting in a nutrient-dense breakfast. You will find you get fuller faster and have less cravings when you include plant-based foods at breakfast. This will set the stage for balanced blood sugar throughout the day which translates to joyous energy! A simple way to do this is to pop a handful of spinach into your smoothie or add dark berries to your bowl of oatmeal.

When you have more time for breakfast on the weekend, try these Coconut Flour Banana pancakesfrom my book JOYOUS HEALTH: Eat and Live Well Without Dieting. They are definitely plant-centric thanks to the coconut flour and bananas. The eggs provide satiating protein and good fat.

Joy McCarthy, Holistic Nutritionist CNP, RNCP is the author of the newly released bestselling book: JOYOUS HEALTH: Eat & Live Well Without Dieting.

She is a nutrition expert from Global’s Morning Show, CBC’s Steven and Chris, health columnist for the Globe and Mail, Best Health and Tonic Magazine and co-founder of Eat Well Fell Well, Toronto’s longest running holistic nutrition and yoga program.

From our Thursday Night Lecture series March 27, 2014

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