5 simple ways to have a farmers market experience at The Big Carrot.

5 simple ways to have a farmers market experience at The Big Carrot. farmers market bc
Spring has sprung, and with it farmers markets are alive again with ravenous locals eager to enjoy the first tastes of Ontario’s growing season. The proliferation of farmers markets across the country is evidence of our cultural longing to connect with our food: get a little closer to the soil by way of the folks who tend it.
Markets offer us more than heirloom carrots and leafy greens they also nourish our hunger for community and connection. It is a perfect way to spend a weekend morning or Thursday evening (here is a list of Toronto Markets by day of the week) but what about when you miss the market?

Enjoy market perks at The Big Carrot Community Market 7 days a week.

STEP 1- Indulge in a treat:

The pace of the farmers market is part of the enjoyment. Rather than strapping on your grocery goggles and ‘get er done’ attitude, treat yourself to a triple certified coffee in the Juice Bar and take a few extra moments to enjoy your shopping experience.

STEP 2- Stop to smell the produce:

When the growing season arrives our produce department is transformed into a local farmers market of its own. You never need to choose between organic and local because we know that Organic and Local is better together! Organic products meet strict federally regulated standards. This fully traceable system combined with all the benefits of supporting your local economy is at the core of transforming our food system. First up is Mazak Farms Asparagus!

STEP 3- Connect with our Carrot Community:

Community and connection is central to the farmers market. We may not have farmers onsite (unless you are lucky enough to catch an early morning delivery) but we do have many other professionals throughout the store that would gladly connect about nutrition, aromatherapy, wellness or natural cosmetics.

STEP 4- Seek out Farmers Market Rock Stars in store:

Building relationships with local farmers and food makers is what we do best. Many of our local producers are familiar farmers market faves. Look for Field Sparrow Farms pastured chicken, Kind Organic glorious greens, Chocosol and Genuine Tea to name just a few. We work directly with over 50 Organic and Local growers to bring you the best of Ontario.

STEP 5- Take a breath in the courtyard or visit the green roof:

Reward yourself with a tasty taco bowl or nourishing salad from the deli and enjoy our Green Roof. Sit under the shade of an umbrella and enjoy the Danforth’s best-kept secret oasis.

No matter where you shop- make your food dollars count by choosing a food system that is aligned with your personal values. Wendell Berry said it best- Eating is an agricultural act!

Added resources to help support sustainable choices:

Organic Council of Ontario directory, What’s In Season – Foodland Ontario

Cornucopia Institute Market Pocket Guide

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