A Cinnamon Story

A Cinnamon Story A Cinnamon Story

“Ranjani grew up in a Sri Lankan village where her father owned over 10 acres of Ceylon cinnamon crops. In her village almost 80% of the community depended on growing cinnamon as a livelihood. As kids they snacked on the bark of cinnamon sticks and stems of leaves while wandering through the plantations.

The best Ceylon cinnamon is grown on the southern coasts of Sri Lanka. Sinhala is the language used by most cinnamon plantation workers and by almost all cinnamon peelers of this region. “For this reason my company name is ‘Kurundu’, the Sinhala word for Ceylon cinnamon”, she explains.

Kurundu offers Ceylon cinnamon, the true cinnamon, to those who seek the best for their health and desire a superior product.”

Farmers peel the bark and package cinnamon as these long sticks to sell. This is done manually and the reason for higher cost compared to cassia cinnamon. Then they are cut to the size needed by the customer.

Kurundu is a Fair Trade spice product available at The Big Carrot

We celebrate Fair Trade Fortnight in May and support Fair Trade products in our purchasing!

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