A Message from our Friends at Localize

A Message from our Friends at Localize A message from our friends at Localize

Localize is a team of passionate local food lovers looking to answer the question: Where does our food come from?

The Big Carrot carries an incredible selection of local foods and Localize uses shelf labels to empower shoppers with information on the who, what, where and how behind the products they buy.

Localize staff across Canada work with food producers to bring the story behind the food we eat to grocery store shelves, helping Big Carrot shoppers make quick, easy, and educated local food choices.

We are proud to be celebrating our first year anniversary with The Big Carrot!

What’s on a Localize label?

Our labels make it easy to find out how local a product is. We generate a Localize Score for each and every product, factoring in the origin of ingredients, production location, and company ownership, all relative to The Big Carrot’s location on Danforth Avenue. Find out more about how a Localize Score is generated.

If you want even more detail about a product, simply scan the QR code on the label to get an online product profile. The profile tells the full story behind a product and the people producing it. Scan the QR code on your favourite products today to get to know the family farmers, local chefs, and inspiring Ontario businesses that work with The Big Carrot to bring you amazing local food options.

Why choose local?

We probably don’t need to tell you the many benefits of eating local, but here at Localize we’re crazy about local foods in our neighbourhood grocery stores because:

  • We love showing support for local businesses and entrepreneurs who positively impact the community!
  • We love delicious, fresh, foods; local often means we get it fresher and in season!
  • We love celebrating regional differences, and indulging in locally grown produce and specialties, wherever we happen to be.
  • We love knowing what went into our food products and who we are supporting when we make buying decisions.
  • We love supporting and promoting sustainable food systems!
  • We love being able to find local food products, even when we don’t have time to make it out to the farm or the market.

Happy Local Food Week!

– The Localize Team

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