Annanda Chaga Mushroom Update

Annanda Chaga Mushroom Update Annanda Chaga Mushroom Update

Annanda Chaga Mushroom Tincture!   Available at the Big Carrot by November/December 2015!

Our submission to Health Canada to register our Chaga Mushroom Tincture is underway after lengthy delays in trying to find an NPN Site certified facility to manufacture and package our products for us.  Using our organic chaga mushrooms and organic non-gmo ethanol Annanda Chaga offers the purest and most potent Chaga Mushroom Tincture to the Canadian market!

Chaga Mushroom Skin Care

Annanda Chaga has also introduced a line of Chaga Mushroom Skin care products as well. Anti-aging Skin cream, healing skin balm, hand and body lotion as well as Chaga Mushroom Soaps. Chaga is beneficial for both inside and outside the body. Known to help clear up acne, psoriasis eczema, cuts, age spots etc and help tighten and nourish the skin reducing the signs of ageing. Now Available at The Big Carrot!

Annanda Chaga gaining Recognition as ‘The source’ for top quality Chaga Mushrooms

Annanda Chaga is now Organically certified by Ecocert Canada! Organic Chaga Mushroom Tea and Chaga Skin care products are available at the Big Carrot dispensary.

Annanda Chaga has been recognized and are members of The Ecological Famers Association of Ontario, Foodland Ontario Organics and the Canadian  Organic Growers Association; helping to work together to spread awareness about proper harvesting techniques, sustainability and preservation of the Chaga Mushroom.

Annanda Chaga Tea Party TM is happening everywhere! 

Have a group, club or social event that wants to learn more about the amazing healing Chaga Mushroom!  We’ll fire up the Annanda ‘Chaga Wagon’, and serve up some Chaga tea and tell you all about the King of Mushrooms!

We are very grateful for The Big Carrot and their Natures Finest Fund contribution as well as their continued support in helping Annanda Chaga bring a local quality product to market.  It has been an amazing year for Annanda Chaga, so much growth!   Many thanks to The Big Carrot, our customers and the love and support of all those who can see the magic that this amazing healing mushroom offers the world.

Visit us at this year’s Toronto National Women’s Show Oct 16-18, 2015 at the MTCC!

Many Blessings,

Blairish – ‘Gentle Waters’ Azure

Annanda Chaga – Certified Organic Chaga Mushroom Products
Healing The World, One Chunk At a Time

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