Another Update from Kind Organics

Another Update from Kind Organics Another update from Kind Organics
We have successfully completed the project we received funding for; from the Nature’s Finest Fund. The project included doing a fix up of a 4000sq ft glass greenhouse including some maintenance and replacing of broken glass panels.
We ran year-round accessible potable water to the greenhouse from a well located over 600 feet away, ran a gas line in, hooked up a new gas furnace, thermostat, exhaust chimney, built a few raised beds (approx 1200 sq ft) and got all the material together to build 2000 sq ft of growing tables.
Another Update from Kind Organics Another update from Kind Organics1
The main goal was/is to be able to meet demand in the colder months for our sprout salads and blends. As the colder 3 months roll around growth slows down significantly and more space is needed in order to produce the same amount of sprouts.
We thank the Big Carrot greatly for the contribution through the Natures Finest Fund. The total cost of this project is estimated to have been $7000 +/-. While the building of the tables has not been fully completed yet, it will be in time for the cold season.

Tomas Dombai is the President of Kind Organics

Kind Organics has been the recipient of 2 Nature’s Finest Fund grants to expand their sprout and greens facility.

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