Herb of the Month: Stinging Nettle!


Meet Stinging Nettle: a common weed with extraordinary properties!

It is one of the first herbs to appear in the Spring season, making it the perfect feature for April’s Herb of the Month. It grows in dappled light by rivers and disturbed grounds. You can find Nettle right here in Toronto, sprouting in the Don Valley, Scarborough bluffs, lake areas and even empty lots.

This power house plant is a potent anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine and packed with nutrition. Stinging Nettle is high in protein, rich in vitamins and minerals and used for numerous inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis, enlarged prostate and seasonal allergies. Mother nature always provides!

A wonderful spring ritual is to forage the nettle leaves when it’s just emerging. It is less likely to get stung in early Spring, but it is best to wear gloves and never consume raw. All Stinging Nettle’s plant parts can be used, including its leaves, roots and seeds in foods, tinctures and tea. A steeped nettle tea is rich in chlorophyll and is a common addition to a spring cleanse. You can even eat freshly steamed nettle leaves or add the leaves to a soup/broth.

We sell organic Nettle in our bulk section within Unpacked and have dried Nettle and Nettle tinctures in the Wholistic Dispensary. Speak to one of our Dispensary Consultants if you have any questions, and always talk to your healthcare provider to see if Nettle is suitable for you.

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