Be Eco-smart this Spring

Be Eco-smart this Spring eco smart

It’s spring, finally! The perfect time to reset – mind, body, and home. While you’re spring cleaning consider how eco-friendly your lifestyle is.  Are you using plastic wrap on leftovers? Getting your coffee in a to-go cup on the daily? Maybe you’ve got a drawer full of plastic bags from the grocery store. What about your cleaning routine – are you using products that contain harmful chemicals? (Read more about that here).  By purchasing a few eco-smart products, you can reduce your consumption and waste dramatically. Here are a few of our favourite eco-smart items, all available in store.

1. Reusable beeswax Abeego wraps are a great plastic wrap alternative.  Just wrap, rinse, and repeat!

2. Cloth snack bags are the perfect solution to that overflowing Tupperware drawer. Lined and fully washable these bags can be used for cut veggies, sandwiches, crackers and cookies of course.

3. If you saved all your coffee cups for a week how big would the pile be? Why not invest in a beautiful travel mug.

4. Sip your smoothie in style with a glass straw. We’ve got cleaning brushes too.

5. Throw a bamboo spork in your bag and you’ll never have to think about cutlery again! Lunch takeout, spontaneous picnics, you’re all set.

6. That spork will be in good company with a light and leak-proof stainless steel container. Step up your takeout game.

7. Keep your fruits and vegetables organized and your plastic bags to a minimum with reusable produce bags.

8. But I need plastic bags for my green bin you say. Problem solved! Compostable green bins are made from locally recycled cardboard. Leak-proof, smell proof, and guilt proof.

9. Dryer sheets are so over. Reusable wool dryer balls will reduce drying time and save you from toxic chemicals.

10. Speaking of toxic chemicals, have you looked at that detergent bottle lately? We’ve got great eco-friendly alternatives as well as DIY laundry soap ingredients.

This list is just the beginning! Hopefully it motivates you to set yourself a few habit changing goals and get going. Your body, budget, and the planet will thank you!

Kate McMurray, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

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