Becoming Mindfully Organized

Becoming Mindfully Organized Becoming Mindfully Organized

As we spring into a new season, it’s an opportunity for us to not only clean our space but de-clutter our thoughts and clear our headspace. We have years of thoughts that no longer serve us, that are holding us back and it’s important to release them and be in a clear mindset.

When we are unorganized and cluttered with thoughts, we become frustrated and overwhelmed. When we are mindfully organized, we feel a sense of calmness and our day will flow much smoother. What we think, we become. Our thoughts manifest what is around us and our thoughts often control how we feel. Thankfully, we have the power to change negative thought patterns.

I do my best to live in an environment that is organized. Everything has a home and my space gives me a sense of ease. The challenge was my thoughts were not organized but rather cluttered with the past, sprinkled with doubt and after loss, there was darkness. Thoughts would play over and over again and I would catch myself living in fear. Last year I decided it was time to face this, to acknowledge what thoughts were going on and release them. As I set out on a journey to clear my mind clutter I started to tune in to where my mind would drift and what thoughts consumed me. By acknowledging these thoughts, I was able to see them and sort through them. I faced them rather than turning my back and allowing them to linger. Through this journey I felt and saw firsthand the difference this made. It was incredible how clearing the clutter opened my mind to see the beauty that was within and around me. Through daily practices and effort this has been an amazing experience and I am excited to share it with you.

Here are a few tools that can be used to clear your mind clutter:

See what’s around you

Take the time to see the beauty that is around you. If you find yourself in your head and not paying attention to where you are, look around and find love in something. It could be in the sky, the way the clouds move or a reflection in a window and say – I see love in the blue sky. By acknowledging this beauty through eyes of love you are able to see where you are and be present.


Writing your thoughts down is a great way to express them and release them. Journaling brings clarity to your thoughts and feelings, helps you understand yourself better, reduces stress, allows you to self-reflect and helps with healing. Let the pen move and see what surfaces.

Slow down

Living in a big city like Toronto there is always something to do, noise to be heard and people everywhere. We try to keep up with all that is going on around us and our minds race as we move through the day. Make an effort to slow down. Breathe. Our breath is the one thing that always keeps us in the now. Breathe in and out and slow down.

Life is magically amazing. We are here to be happy. Take action to step out of your head and live a mindfully organized life.

Cherie Cox – a speaker at our Thursday evening lecture series on April 6th 2017.

For more check out Cherie’s website

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