Bounce Back to Calm

Bounce Back to Calm Bounce Back to Calm

There is no doubt that our daily lives are moving at a faster speed than ever before. Most often we are simply human beings in action, going here, going there, doing this, doing that. In the meantime, moderate to high levels of daily stress is the norm for 67% of Canadians according to a recent survey commissioned by the Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC).

The research, interestingly, has found that despite what many would consider a natural correlation, winter is not necessarily the cause of high stress for Canadians. Stress is not related to the seasons. That said, if you find that stress is beginning to impact your health and your relationships you might consider seriously looking for ways to restore yourself to calm.

Moderate to high levels of daily stress is the norm for 67% of Canadians

There is no doubt that exercise and nutrition play a big role in our overall wellbeing. It certainly impacts our ability to manage the volume of incoming emails, text messages, Facebook notifications, tweets, bills, deadlines, transit delays as well as many other work and social pressures. Here are some of my absolute favourite ways to bounce back to calm.

1. Changing your focus

In the moment, the easiest and fastest way to move from stress to a more centered and calm state is by shifting your attention to something that you appreciate or are grateful for. Focus on the darling eyes of your children when you notice the house is a mess. It will make a big difference.

2. Breath and meditation

In yoga studios almost all instructors will at one point or another promote the benefits of pranayam or silence. On a moment to moment basis our breath really is the most efficient tool we have available to take us back to a relaxed state. Taking just a minute for breathing and silence can turn around stress in surprising ways.

3. Asking the right questions

Ask yourself a question and your mind will always find an answer. In situations triggering stress we tend to ask questions like: “Why can’t I arrive on time?”, “Why do I always mess this up?” or “How come other people have figured this out and I can’t?” Asking any of these questions will inevitably send anyone spiralling down a stressful path. I highly recommend becoming aware of the questions you ask yourself and begin asking better questions. One of my favourite is “How does it get even better than this?”. Asking this question with curiosity and trusting that an enlightening answer will come to our consciousness helps us reprogram our minds for the absolute best result.

4. Nature

One of the keys to balancing our emotional state is to spend time outside. Have you noticed how a breath of fresh air almost inevitably makes you feel better? If you live in the city, its common to go from house to car to office and then back home. Breaking this pattern by allowing more connection with mother nature greatly helps our emotional and physical state.

Although bouncing back to calm is sometimes easier said then done, it’s up to each of us to realize that we deserve to live free of unnecessary stress. Making the decision right now to practice self-care, simply and from moment to moment, is all based on the understanding that you are worth it. And, you are.

Isabelle Moreau is a Professional Coach and Wellness Educator who guides and supports people on topics such as stress management, life balance, energy, nutrition and meditation.  She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Level 2 Reiki practitioner and a Certified Meditation Teacher with Chopra University and constantly studies nutrition, yoga and several holistic modalities for better health.

Photo by Lukeok

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