It is Time to Change Your Mind About Grocery Store Sushi

Our fresh and sustainable grocery store sushi

Did you know we carry amazing sushi?

We are proud and excited to offer a variety of sushi and sashimi from Sushi Mugen, located in neighbouring Leslieville.

Delivered fresh every morning, our custom made and sourced sushi and sashimi is made with sustainable fish and organic, non-GMO tamari – a unique grocery store offering in Toronto.  Sushi Mugen has worked directly with us to provide sustainable options that meet our store standards and ensure our customers get the best quality seafood available. Offerings include Wild Albacore Tuna, Wild Sockeye Salmon and Wild Mackerel, as well as vegetarian options. All fish in our sushi and sashimi fall under the “Best Choice” SeaChoice rankings. This means it is caught or harvested in environmentally sensitive ways that avoid habitat destruction and wasteful by-catch and that stock are sufficiently strong and not threatened by overfishing. All of our sushi is wild caught, never farmed.

Eating sustainably doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your favourite foods, it means making informed, conscious choices. SeaChoice, Canada’s leading national sustainable seafood program, makes it easier than ever for shoppers to enjoy sustainably caught seafood.  Check out their Sustainable Sushi Guide and Sustainable Fish Guide.  Throughout our store, fresh and frozen seafood and tinned salmon and tuna are also held to SeaChoice standards. We carry only “Best Choice” and “Good Alternative” options; nothing ranked as “Avoid” by SeaChoice.  Our Sustainable Seafood Commitment offers our customers peace of mind and supports our ability to maintain complete and transparent information about all of our seafood products.

What happens when two East end favourites collaborate? Great sustainable sushi happens!

Sushi Mugen, formerly known as Sushi Marche, is ranked as one of the top 5 sushi take out restaurants in Toronto. This long standing, popular Leslieville spot offers high quality sushi, sashimi and maki options for lunch and dinner. Sushi Mugen Emi Kawabuchi was instrumental in creating the delicious and sustainable menu we now carry in the Carrot Kitchen Grab + Go case. Next time you stop by the store be sure to check out our offerings!

Sashimi plate
3pc Albacore Tuna, 3pc Sockeye salmon, 3pc mackerel (marinated)

Salmon Roll (6pc)

Mushroom Roll (5pcs)
(Lettuce, mushroom, red pepper, red onion)

Avocado cucumber Roll

Kate McMurray Holistic Nutritionist and Maureen Kirkpatrick Standards Coordinator

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