Taste the Difference! Organic Cold Pressed Juices

organic cold pressed juices toronto

Bottled Cold Pressed Juices

We are proud to offer certified organic cold pressed juices in 16oz glass bottles at both our Danforth and Beach Community Markets. Blended to maximize flavour and nutrition our juices are made in micro batches and have no added sugars or water. All the good stuff, none of the bad! Try all four blends: Heart of Gold, Liver & Digestion Lover, Ultimate Pure Green, and Emerald Temple. 

Cold Pressed Juices in our Juice Bar

We have moved our cold pressed juice operation off-site to a Big Carrot facility and have upgraded our machinery to a super efficient XR-1 Good Nature juicer. This new unit has the capacity to press 20-60 gallons of juice per hour, it maximizes the amount of juice from our organic fruits and veg and this means less waste produced in the end.

Cold pressed juices has many benefits. There is little to no heat produced so the finished product retains more nutrients and flavour! Compared to centrifugal juicing, less oxygen is introduced to the cold pressed juices so the final product stays fresher longer and contains less pulp.

All of our cold pressed juices are delivered fresh daily and you can choose from a variety of delicious blends. We serve our cold pressed juice juices up in compostable cups with optional compostable straws but we will also be offering take-away glass bottles. You can buy a bottle for $2.00 and bring it back for refill anytime (so long as it’s clean)!

We look forward to serving you!


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