College Survival Kit

Student Survival Kit
So your kid’s leaving for college and you are… relieved, excited, panicked? In all likelihood it’s a combination of all three – totally normal!  Moving onto campus is an awesome adventure, no doubt. But with the fun and friendship comes flus, finals and S-T-R-E-S-S!
As a parent you can’t protect your kid from heartache or looming deadlines but you can send them off with a few things to keep them going when the going gets tough. A student survival kit of sorts. Here are some helpful items you might want to include. And don’t forget the homemade cookies and laundry money!

Stress Support

Rescue remedy and/or Gelsemium homeopathic (Helpful for high stress moments like exams)

Magnesium such as Natural Calm Powder (Great before bed, for headaches or after that hardcore workout)

Adrenal supplements (A combination of stress, chronic colds and poor diet make adrenal burnout highly lly. Be sure to nourish these crucial glands!)

GABA (great for those that have trouble sleeping due to “busy brain”

Immune Support

Viral support tincture

Oil of oregano

Vitamin C


Zinc lozenges


Study Snacks (or cafeteria alternatives)

Protein powder (Great for blood sugar balance, weight management and athletic performance)

Granola bars, organic soups, microwavable meals (Check out our grocery aisles for high quality options without artificial ingredients)

Yerba mate (A much healthier caffeine option than Red Bull and other energy drinks. Shelf stable products available)

Party Smart

Electrolyte powder and/or shelf stable coconut water (An effective hangover cure and great for athletics as well)

B vitamins (For liver support, energy production and stress management)

Sexual Health

Body safe lubes and condoms (Get real and get safe)

Homeopathics and supplements for UTIs (Frequent sexual activity and stress make UTIs very common for young women. Our dispensary has products for prevention and acute relief)

Creature comforts

Eye mask (For that nocturnal roommate)

Face mask (Because who doesn’t like a little DIY spa-ing? Especially when that paper is due tomorrow…)

Essential oil remedy mini pack (Zits, headaches, stinky roommates – our Body Care department has you covered)

Don’t let the stress of school ruin the fun of it. Arm your kid with snacks and remedies and send them off on a great adventure. Some learning will happen at some point, promise! Wishing all the students out there a healthy, happy year ahead. Don’t forget to call your parents once and a while.

Kate McMurray Certified Holistic Nutritionist

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