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Cook This Book - Against All Grain Cook This Book Against All Grain

Welcome to Cook this Book, a new series on The Carrot Beat Blog! Each month we’ll be highlighting a cookbook from our fantastic book section. Yes, we have a book section!

It’s just around the corner from the customer service desk (in the body care department) and you won’t want to miss it. It’s full of information on specialty diets, chronic ailments, health care for all ages, alternative medicine and drool worthy cookbooks. Like the one I’m featuring this month. Read on…there are waffles involved!

The What:

Against All Grain is 366 beautiful pages of gluten, dairy and grain free goodness. The first of two books by blogger Danielle Walker, Against All Grain is a triumph for those of us who have “limited” diets. The great thing about this book is that it is limitless! Danielle shows her readers that you don’t need grains or gluten or dairy to indulge. Need some paleo friendly comfort food for dinner? Or some allergen free cookies for your kid’s school? Or some donuts that wont turn you into a donut? Or some jello that will actually heal your gut? Danielle has got you covered!  Flip to the back of the book for an illustrated recipe index that will make you wish you had all day to spend in the kitchen.

The Who:

Author Danielle Walker has quite the story. Newly wed and only a few short months after graduating college, twenty two years old Danielle was in and out of hospitals suffering from abdominal pain and digestive complaints. Finally diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, Danielle was prescribed multiple drugs and sent on her way. Complications ensued and at one point Danielle found herself near death in a hospital room in Uganda. The full story is really worth a read (it’s in the beginning of the book). Ultimately Danielle found that food was a more potent healer than drugs and that adhering to a specific diet, one that did not include grains, dairy, legumes or refined sugar, was her ticket to a healthy and happy life.

The Why:

Danielle’s passion and dedication is evident in all of her recipes, which she also photographs herself. She has created an amazing reference for anyone that finds themselves feeling restricted in the kitchen. Along with delicious recipes, Danielle has also included information on ingredients, preparation tips, and conversion and substitution tables. Whether you have allergies, chronic ailments, or are simply trying to clean up your diet, Against All Grain deserves a spot on your cookbook shelf. I love the aesthetic of this book too. It could equally be on your coffee table!

The Eats:

One of my favourite recipes in this book is for macadamia waffles (page 36). Who would have thought dense, fatty nuts could make light and fluffy Sunday brunch worthy waffles?! Until I discovered this recipe I hadn’t had a waffle since 2008 when I went gluten free. How sad is that! Pancakes, sure, there have been many flat (and a few fluffy) attempts in the last 8 years. But a real deal waffle, no sir. Not only is this recipe delicious, it’s crazy easy. Throw all the ingredients in a blender, whizz up, and straight into the hot waffle iron it goes. Ready in mere minutes to be joined with your favourites – maple syrup, warm fruit, coconut cream…and maybe a spoonful of ground flax for good measure.  Oh, and for your coffee, a French Vanilla coffee creamer (page 342). This lady has thought of everything!

Other worthy mentions: N’oatmeal Raisin cookies (page 260), Mexican chicken chowder (page 92) and smoked salmon eggs benedict (page 30)

Kate McMurray, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

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