Meat and Seafood

Our meat and fish department is proud to offer you a wide range of products. We specialize in organic and traditionally raised meat as well as sustainable fish options. We have direct relationships with our farmers and suppliers. In 2013 our butchers became certified in organic handling practices so we can offer you more choice.

Our specialty items include:

  • Grass fed beef
  • Pastured chicken
  • Wild game meats
  • Gluten-free crumbs on our breaded items
  • No sugar in our prepared foods marinades and spice mixes
  • In-store pasta and meat sauce, 3 bean chili, roti and meatballs
  • Phil's Own - sausage, burgers, roti, flattened chicken, schnitzel
  • Grab & Go items
  • Fish adhering to our six-point seafood sustainability policy



Sustainable Seafood

Your seafood choices are part of the solution. We know how much there is to think about when grocery shopping which is why we work with SeaChoice to help provide you with sustainable seafood choices.

Choosing green-listed “Best Choice” and avoiding red-listed seafood helps support responsible fishing and farming practices.

Vote with your wallet and reward seafood providers who are doing the right thing. This helps ensure enough fish remain in the ocean for years to come.

The SeaChoice shopping guide helps us make sustainable choices, it offers some insight into toxin levels but it does not focus on toxicity levels in certain fish species.

Animal Welfare

At The Big Carrot, we support livestock production that is sustainable and healthy for all involved: from farmers to their animals, communities and our consumers.

In keeping with our commitment to search for nature's finest, we are proud to offer a wide variety of certified organic meat. Our non-organic meat is regionally raised, hormone and antibiotic-free.

Our suppliers use traditional farming practices that allow for the animals to roam and feed. We believe that this is essential for the well being of the animal, which affects the quality and healthfulness of the final product. 

Click here for more information about our animal welfare statement.


Organic - Defined

Organic agriculture is often reduced to what it is not; e.g.- it does NOT use toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizer, it does NOT allow GMO inputs. While these practices are vital and true, organic is much more than the sum of what it avoids. Organic farmers are builders of soil, creative problem...

Friday August 16, 2013

10 Tips to Reduce Food Waste

Walking into the Big Carrot produce section is exciting: knobby exotic roots next to glossy emerald leaves, fragrant Meyer lemons neighbouring sparkling ruby apples, fleshy heirloom tomatoes flirting with blushing pears. It can be very easy to throw your hands up and declare, “I want it all!” ...

Tuesday March 25, 2014


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The Big Carrot is located in the Carrot Common, 348 Danforth Ave. 3 Blocks east of Broadview Ave. or 1 block west of the Chester subway.

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