Detox Your Life

detox your life

How do you want to clean your life? If you could call “house keeping” right now what would you have them come in and remove? What would you change?

Would you change your weight? Your shape? Your wardrobe? Your family?

What would you get from the changes? How would you life be different afterwards? Let’s go there. Give yourself permission to ride out the fantasy. If you were the weight and shape you wanted to be then you would _________.   What you fill that blank with is hint as to what you are really after. Is it happiness? Is it love? Is it being liked? Is it acceptance? Do you like you?

What is your self-talk like? What do you say to yourself privately that you would never say to a friend?

What if this year we detox more than our physical bodies. What if we detox our mental bodies; how we think about ourselves and detox our emotional bodies; how we feel about ourselves, too.

I encourage you for the next week to pay attention to what you think about yourself and write it down. What we think is often revealed through what we say to ourselves either out loud or especially what is said in our head. It’s not about judging how you speak to yourself and stopping what you say right now.  The exercise is about becoming aware of what your internal dialogue is. If we aren’t aware we can’t change it. When a tap is running dirty water, turning off the tap doesn’t change the water quality. In some cases running the water for a few minutes will clear the pipe and then the water is clean again.  Likewise there is a metaphorical pipe your thoughts are running through that can affect their quality. Let the thoughts about yourself run so you can reveal the condition of your “water”. Then after the week is over review what you’ve recorded and forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for anything and everything you’ve said to yourself. Everyone has had dirty water; forgive yourself.

For week two look at detoxing your emotional body. Notice what you feel about yourself. This can be revealed by how we think others feel about us. As well as, just as we are about to have one of those thoughts we became aware of from the week before, there will be a feeling. The practice is, now that you are aware of your thoughts, just as you are about to go into a thought pause and notice what you are feeling. Tend to whatever your needs are in that moment. Allow whatever you are feeling to rise up and out through your body. Express your feelings. This is not the same as acting on what you are feeling, a.k.a. when feeling angry yelling at our partner.   Journaling can be a very handy tool for this. Exercise when we are frustrated or angry is a useful way to let the body move the feelings out naturally. Watch a sad movie and give yourself permission to cry if you have grief. These are just a few tools. For feelings and emotions that feel overwhelming contact a qualified practitioner for support. Trapped or buried emotions do create a toxic state with in the body. Think stress and gut health connection. Think lung infection and grief. These bodies of ours are an incredibly synergetic system.

For detoxing your body, go slow. Hard and fast comes with promises that set us up for failure and then just reaffirms the more nastier things we think and feel about ourselves. Remember we are detoxing from habits we’ve likely accumulated and practiced for years. This is more about shifting your relationship with your body than anything else. For the men who don’t think this is about them, this is definitely about you, be practical.

What can you include in what you eat every day that is a healthier version than what you’ve had before. Pick one meal to change. Then next month pick two and so on.

Are you drinking enough water to eliminate toxins through your kidneys or just enough water to replace the amount of fluids your digestive system needs to function? Add two glasses of water on top of what you are drinking a day. Unless you are already one of those 8 glasses a day plus and you don’t drink two cups of coffee. Consider adding electrolytes to your water to increase your hydration and mineral balance.

Add soluble and insoluble fiber to your every day regime. For example psyllium husks are soluble fiber where as chia seeds are insoluble. Both have benefit for detoxing purposes as well as every day healthier digestion. Once the liver transfers toxins into our bowels they then need something to bind to in order to be completely removed.   Fiber is one way to bind the toxins. Chlorella is also another way and it is particularly good at chelating heavy metals out of our digestive system.

Dry brushing. Let’s talk about your lymphatic system and circulatory system. Stagnation in the body creates build up. Get your body moving.   Dry brushing is one way to stimulate your body’s lymphatic and circulatory system while only having to stand! Other great ways are using an infrared sauna, rebounder, yoga, tai chi, and homeopathic lymphatic drainage drops.

Start with the body’s channels of elimination when detoxing. Make sure they are moving freely and are fully supported. Bring back the analogy of the pipes again if you need to. The lymphatic system, kidneys, and bowels, all need to be open and moving before we start pulling toxins from the cellular tissue and releasing them from the liver.   Remember no judgment of what comes out.

Support your body. Create a healthy relationship with it, mentally, emotionally and physically. Detox your life and not just the holiday aftermath.


Rebecca Hanratty, Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Certified Intuitive Life Coach

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

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