Earthing – Why we Need to Connect with the Earth

Earthing - Why we Need to Connect with the Earth Earthing Why we need to connect with the earth
When someone says that humanity has lost touch with the earth, they’re usually referring to our connection to nature, that we’ve somehow moved away from our part in the grand cycles that naturally occur on the planet. It’s not often that people are referring to a literal “connection to the earth”. Unless they’re talking about Earthing.

So what is Earthing?

Earthing, in the simplest terms, is being in physical connect with the earth; barefoot in the grass, laying on the beach or swimming in a lake or the ocean, for example. It’s been all the rage lately as people have come to recognize the amazing health benefits of connect with the earth.

When your body is in direct physical connect with the earth, like walking on the earth barefoot, free electrons, which are abundant on the planet, transfer into your body. These free electrons are some of the most potent antioxidants known to man.

So why is this a thing?

Given that people have been walking barefoot in connect with the earth since we came into existence here on the planet, you may be wondering why this has become a thing now. According to Earthing researchers, many of whom are written about in the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?,

we have lost our contact to the earth due to the widespread use of rubber and plastic on the soles of our shoes. These materials are non-conductive and don’t let the important electrons from the ground enter into our organism. It’s like we’re walking around cut off from this important source of antioxidants that are literally right at our feet!

According to these Earthing researchers, lack of grounding may be a major contributor to the rise of many modern diseases due to the chronic inflammation that proliferates unchecked when one is constantly insulated. There are a number of testimonials in the book siting examples from better sleep to improvements in MS, digestion, chronic pain, even better recovery from athletic exertion and surgery.

And, chances are, this isn’t just placebo-effect. There have been a number of experiments which have shown that free electrons from the earth cause beneficial changes in heart rate, decrease in inflammation, reduction in pain, promotion of healthy sleep, and acts as a natural blood-thinner, improving cardiovascular function.

Our bodies were designed to function in constant connect with the earth subtle electric signal, using it to maintain health and govern many intricate mechanisms. And yet we’ve cut ourselves off from this nourishing energy. Think about it – we sleep in our beds ungrounded instead of laying on a pile of furs on a cave floor, as in days gone by.

We get up and cover our feet in socks and shoes, insuring none of these important electrons can get through to our bodies. We play sports on an open field of grass, but wrap our feet in athletic shoes with thick spiky soles. Even if we do manage to get out into nature, our high-tech hiking gear prevents proper grounding.

Getting in connect with the earth

So how can we take advantage of this bountiful energy source beneath our feet? Take off your shoes! Go for a walk on the morning dewy grass (wet grass is one of the most conductive materials to walk on). Or go up north to the Canadian Shield this summer and hike along some rocky shorelines barefoot. Go for a light barefoot jog through a forest path – but be careful at first. Your sheltered feet need to get used to being unprotected out in the world.

Indoor options

All this sounds like a great idea, but there are still times where access to the outdoors in bare feet is rather limited. The entire winter, for instance. The truth is, we really only have about four months of the year where walking barefoot is realistic. So what else can we do?

Well, luckily there are a few fairly ingenious inventions that can help to keep us Earthed, even when we’re indoors. The products work by plugging in to the house ground through any electrical outlet in your home (you need to makes sure the outlets are properly grounded first).

There are bed sheets, mats, pillows, even mouse pads that will all deliver beneficial electrons from the earth any time your bare skin is in connect with the earth. I’ve even seen wrist bands, with lots of extra cord, to keep you plugged in while you’re puttering around the house.

Some people will sit barefoot at the computer or while watching TV, keeping their feet in connect with the earth mat to stay in connected to this grounding source. I know a masseuse who keeps at least a foot on her mat while giving massages, delivering this source of electrons to her clients as well. There are lots of ways of going about it.

We are meant to receive naturally occurring free electrons from connect with the earth through our feet and skin 24 hours a day, seven days a week. connect with the earth with this free energy any way we can is a must.

For more information, check out this excellent interview Dr. Mercola connect with the earth most prominent researchers, Dr. James Oschman.

Doug DiPasquale, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

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