Eco – Gift Giving Ideas

Eco Gift Giving Ideas

Giving a gift is a time-honoured way of showing love for friends and family, appreciation for a colleague, or celebrating a special occasion. For many of us, the quest of finding the perfect gift is half the fun. However, if shopping mall crowds and brand-name mark-ups aren’t your thing – try looking for gift ideas at your favourite local health food store!

The rich honey scent of a beeswax candle, a  nourishing hand cream, a sustainable wood hair brush, or a selection of locally made soaps could all fit the bill for that special someone.

For many of us, the quest of finding the perfect gift is half the fun.

Think about combining different items from around the entire store into a creative gift basket. Pair a blissful bubble bath with organic chocolate truffles for the overworked mom. For the yoga enthusiast, a mat bag made from recycled materials could be stuffed with goodies like refreshing rosewater spray, a stainless steel water bottle, an organic nut mix for healthy protein, or arnica gel from the wholistic dispensary to help repair hardworking muscles. Even the produce department can provide inspiration – a few delicious organic clementines give a pop of colour and freshness to a gift basket.

Gift-giving occasions can be a lovely opportunity to give “fancy practicals” to close friends and family. The idea of giving shampoo as a gift might at first seem boring, but what about that gorgeous and effective organic product that the staff keep raving about?

Forgot to plan ahead? For an easy selection, many companies put together beautifully packaged gift boxes, either with sample sized treats or luxurious full sized product.

Gift certificates are often perceived as “cheating”…

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But what about your favourite uncle who wants to start eating healthy for his New Year’s resolutions? This could be the perfect platform to get started. What about your wife or daughter who is interested in converting to natural makeup?

A gift certificate, along with a consultation with our make-up artist, would be a fun, practical, and educational gift.

What was the most creative gift you have ever received? Share your stories and inspire us!

By Meadow Rose Body Care Buyer

Photo by Alvimann