Eco Self-Tanner 101

Eco Self-Tanner 101 eco tan

Summer is just around the corner! We can almost taste the BBQ, ice cream and those patio cocktails we’ll be enjoying over the next few months. We’re also faced with the realization that we’ve lost last year’s tan and have turned a little pasty. This got me thinking about the Eco self-tanners we sell at The Big Carrot. Self-tanners are a great way to get a healthy glow without damaging your skin.

Below is a review of one of our newest eco self-tanners and body scrubs, the brand is called Eco Tan, as well as tips on how to prepare your skin and maintain your self-tan.

Let’s get started…

Prepping Your Skin

1. Scrub first, shave after. Exfoliating is a great way to remove dead/dry skin and ensure that the self-tanner goes on smoothly, preventing dark, uneven and orange patches from occurring. Try the Eco Tan Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub.

2. Make sure to wax or shave before applying a self-tanning lotion, any of these can shorten the life of your tan.

3. Hydrate your dry spots. Elbows, knees, nostrils, and ankles are notorious for being dry. Make sure to apply face/body cream to these areas before applying the self-tanner. This will ensure an even application and prevent an uneven appearance.


1. Body

Using clean hands, apply the self-tanner in small circular motions, making sure to only use small amounts of the product at a time. Begin at the feet and work your way up to the shoulders and neck. Saving your hands and arms for last.

2. Face

Be careful when applying the product to the face. Taking a small amount, apply to the areas of the face that will naturally get more sun (forehead, cheeks, chin) and blend outwards. Take care near the neck and upper lip area since these spots on the face seem to be the most absorbent. Make sure to also blend evenly into the hairline and downwards into neck area from the jawline.

3. Thoroughly wash hands to avoid getting extra tanner between your fingers. If this happen, take some lemon juice, rub it in circular motions on the area, and let it sit for 2 min. before wiping it off with a warm washcloth.

4. Use baby powder all over to prevent the tanner from transferring onto your clothes or bedding.

Product Review

Eco Tan Winter Skin

(Available in Light/Medium & Fair/Medium)

One of our staff members volunteered to give this product a try. She applied it for 5 days and noticed a nice, gradual, natural tan build up. What she loved – it was streak free, applied evenly and did not rub off on her clothes. She would definitely recommend this product to friends and customers.

Eco Tan Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

I have had the pleasure of trying this scrub and I must say I love it! Not only does it leave your skin feeling baby soft but it also smells great. Some tips: for ease of use, warm up the tube so the product comes out easily, use on dry skin for best results and scrub before shaving.

I will definitely continue to use this product and recommend it to customers.

Overall, the Eco Tan Winter Skin self-tanner and the Eco Tan Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub are winners. Stop by our Body Care department, to check out the complete line of Eco Tan products and for all your summer needs.

Jennifer Merida, Makeup Artist, The Big Carrot Danforth

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