Essential Oil Use in Winter

Essential Oil use in Winter

I like to think of essential oils as little plant helpers that are sometimes available to us. They are an active and concentrated part of a plant ready to uplift and assist us in many ways. Here are a few ways to use them this Winter:

Essential Oil Walk for Mood

Who can’t use a little help in these short low light days? Here’s an experiment to try: apply 3 drops of essential oil on to a tissue or bandana and go out for a walk in the -10 celsius weather. Walk briskly and inhale the scent taking deep breaths of the oils every 3-5 minutes. Record your mood before and after the walk. Make a note to look at nature. It’s okay to do this as a solo activity or with another. Suggested oils: Black Spruce, White Pine, Lemon, Grapefruit.

Subtle Aromatherapy Diffusion for Relaxation

The term Subtle Aromatherapy was coined by Aromatherapist and author Patricia Davis in 2004 when she published a book of the same name. Subtle aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in minute concentrations to affect energetic or vibrational change. Essential Oils can be potent so I use them cautiously, diffusing only sometimes, minimizing their stimulating effects in order to relax and ease my nervous system.

I do this by putting a very small number of drops of an essential oil in a diffuser so it is barely perceivable to my senses. I like to use a combination of pure rose essential oil, true lavender or sweet orange, just a drop or two of each oil, for 30 minutes, once or twice a week. This provides me with a calming effect without overwhelming my already overtaxed nervous system.

Incorporate into your Laundry

Add 2-3 drops of an essential oil to your laundry. I put the drops into the soap dispenser in the washing machine along with the detergent. I like something fresh like any Citrus oil including Bergamot. It helps make your wash anti-bacterial in a healthy way and clothes retain a whiff of the scent when they are washed.

Come and visit the Big Carrot Danforth Community Market, Beach Community Market, or shop online for all your essential oil needs and questions. We have a great selection of premium quality, organic oils to choose from.

Blessings to you for Winter 2019!

Lisa Smolkin, Resident Aromatherapist, The Big Carrot Community Market

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