FREE Winning Strategies for Back to School Success

FREE Winning Strategies for Back to School Success FREE Winning Strategies for Back to School Success

It is Monday morning, you’re in class and already feeling defeated. What happened? You had your super nutritious breakfast and supplements. You packed a healthy lunch! You should be feeling like a winner right? Wrong!

It’s time to do a close inspection and ask yourself some questions: What did you focus on this weekend? How did you end your night? How do you start your day? Who are you hanging around with? How is your attitude? How are you managing your time? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you disciplined? Do you have effective study habits?  Did you know that your thoughts and behaviours can be impacting your school performance, productivity and inner peace?

Here are some simple strategies to get you back on track. And best of all THEY’RE FREE!

End the Night with Gratitude and Appreciation

Ending the night with gratitude and appreciation has two benefits. First of all, it makes you lighten your load before you go to sleep and feel good about your world. It also helps you get excited about the next day as your brain gets wired up for positive outcomes.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is very important for health and well-being. It’s easy to cut into sleep time when we are pressed for time. However, this has the opposite effect. We become less productive and our immune system gets compromised.

The Right Morning Start

Starting your first hour positively and productively sets the day. Some people say the first hour is the golden hour. This is the time to set the intention for the day. Read something positive; infuse your life and everyone around you with gratitude and joy.

Check your Attitude Before You Leave The House

Scan through your thoughts and check on the charge they carry; are they positive (+) or negative (-) thoughts?

If your attitude is rotten (-), you will feel like barking at the world and most importantly you will have low energy and poor concentration.  This is the time to clean up stuff and elevate yourself to higher positive vibrational levels before you greet the world!

Watch Out Who You Are Hanging Around With

Stay clear from complainers, and anyone who will dampen your spirit and cloud your sunshine. Negativity is contagious! There is the good and the bad in each situation. Your mind will get fixated on what you choose to focus on and that is eventually the only thing your mind will notice. Choose to focus on the good and be a positive proof seeker. Go ahead and spread some sunshine the world will thank you!

Effective Study Habits

It is easy to settle into a routine good or bad. We are creatures of habit. Setting realistic weekly goals are very important. The focus should be sticking to the schedule rain or shine until it becomes a habit. It helps if you can study at the same place and time. Initially, it may take a great deal of self-discipline but once it becomes a habit, it will become a second nature. Take 10-minute breaks every hour to refresh your mind and keep motivated. Stretch, walk around or simply sit quietly and close your eyes to rest your mind and body.

Time Management

During the school year a lot of things are going on. Time management is a skill that enables us a successful coordination of all the competing interests in our lives. Try to set aside time for exercise, schoolwork, reading, self-development and rest. Most importantly, be aware of time thieves that drop by unannounced and mess up your schedule. Setting healthy boundaries is important health & success.

Enjoy the Journey

Finally, enjoy the learning journey! In the end, it’s less about the subjects you’re studying and more importantly about who you become in the process. So ensure to develop good habits along the way!


Eat that Frog, By Brian Tracey

Gratitude: A way of Life, By Louise L. Hay

Kendra S. Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Certified Personal Trainer.

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