Friends of Summer: Sun Care Addition

Sunglasses for sun care

You have the day off, the skies are clear, the sun bright and the heat is just right. You have all your favourite summer foods ready; refreshing and satisfying. You’ve got a list of friends to enjoy the sun with but have you included the ones below? Let us take a closer look.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil

The type of friend that is easy to get along with, sit back and relax with, it is no surprise the more you learn about them the more you enjoy their company. Red Raspberry Seed Oil has a natural SPF of between 28-50. We have heard a lot of the nutritional benefits of raspberries over the years and turns out their seeds are great for external use too. The oil is high in antioxidants, reduces inflammation and it’s SPF properties were confirmed in a 2000 study; this friend is reliable and safe for children too.

Zinc Oxide

That one friend you can count on to bring plates to the BBQ after you realized all the food is here but with nothing to put it on. Zinc Oxide is a mineral compound often found in most natural sunscreens. This compound really brings all the other natural ingredients together for a full spectrum sunscreen that will have both UVB and UVA protection.   On its own, it also provides a protective and soothing layer to damaged, dry, and irritated skin.


When we talk sun protection we often think topical. Often what makes a great skin care product, including sunscreens, is the use of ingredients rich in antioxidants. However, these antioxidants should also be taken internally. They can help protect us from skin damage and minimize changes of burns. When taken as a supplement astaxanthin is that friend that can keep the party going. As a carotenoid, asthaxanthin, is often derived from fish but can also be sourced from algae, making this supplement also accessible to vegans. It is totted as being anti-aging for its ability to reduce fine lines, age spots and dry skin. In the case of sun care it has both a preventative and post care advantage; providing protection to our cell membranes while improving skin elasticity.

After the Sun Care

When you’ve played hard, had fun and too much sun those high doses of Vitamin D can leave you feeling tired, a little out of it, with low appetite all primed and ready for a nap. What can get in the way of that nap or further relaxation is a burn. Burns can be painful and have us regretting our choices. Here are some friends that can help take the edge off:

Highland Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil is considered a wound healer and can actually speed up wound recovery. It has a pain-relieving affect, reduces inflammation, helps heal burns including sun burns as well as being calming to mind, body and supportive emotionally. Its molecular mechanism rapidly replaces collagen. In other words, lavender essential oil helps speed up skin production and thereby reduces the normal recovery time required by our skin cells.

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile is useful for calming the nervous system, easing anxiety and pain. It can also be helpful for sunburns.  

There is no need to buzz kill your chill from being in the sun with such supportive oils by your side! These two essential oils are also safe for children. When using them for a children remember to always dilute the essential oils into a carrier, be it water or a carrier oil, and never apply undiluted on their skin.

Aloe Vera

Lastly, that friend we all know and can count on: Aloe Vera. Drink it! Apply it! Too much time in the sun without proper electrolytes and hydration can leave us feeling THIRSTY. To rehydrate, considering adding a tablespoon of aloe gel to a tall glass of water. Due to aloe’s high mucilage content there is a greater concentration of water you’ll be getting in every glass.

When applying topically take the inner fillet (the gel) of the aloe leaf and coat the burned skin. Not only does it immediately have a cooling effect, it’s soothing as it contains anti-inflammatory gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Aloe is a great way to speed up the healing of blistered sunburned skin.

The sun is definitely to be enjoyed and with the right preparation we can make use of summer fun with these different friends of summer. For questions or to see these sun care options stop by The Big Carrot. When sourcing topical ingredients or sun protection come by our Body Care department. For all else internal, including Aloe Juice and Astaxanthin, visit our Holistic Dispensary.

Rebecca Hanratty, Holistic Nutritionist at The Big Carrot


Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani

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