Fun For Your Heart

Fun For Your Heart Fun For Your Heart

Happy heart month! That may not be an official designation but with Valentine’s Day decorations taking over every store window and aisle I figure February’s a good time to think about your ticker.

Here’s a few fun staff recommended ways to get your heart rate up this winter. (And none of them involve running!) Who knows, maybe you’ll even find love along the way…

Turn up the heat!

Our neighbour Moksha Yoga is a popular destination among staff and customers. Get your sweat on in a hot yoga class. Enjoy a deeper stretch and all the cardiovascular and detoxifying benefits that yoga provides. Come by the Juice Bar after class to rehydrate!

Earn cool points

Winter cyclists – some call them crazy but most call them hardcore. Join the ranks; your heart will thank you (not to mention your butt, thighs and bank account!) Be sure to layer up and wear reflective gear. Check out this guide for more helpful tips.

Find your inner child

Remember the days of ice skating parties and neighbourhood hockey games? Oh Canada! Why don’t we skate more as adults? It’s great exercise. Get some friends together and get out there! Here’s a list of all the outdoor rinks in Toronto. Warm up after with a decadent heart healthy hot chocolate.

Y not…

Have you been to the new YMCA on Cherry Street? It’s so great I was tempted to keep it a secret! Part of the new Canary district, this open concept space is beautiful and inviting. Sign up for an exercise class, play with the kids or hit the hot tub for some well-earned relaxation time. They’re offering 2 week free passes for new members.

Have fun out there! For more fun ways to keep your heart in good shape check out the links below.

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Kate McMurray Certified Holistic Nutritionist

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