Gluten-Free Choices Aplenty

Gluten-Free Choices Aplenty Gluten free choices aplenty
There is no doubt that the gluten-free market has grown in the last 5 years. In fact the market for gluten-free products has grown to about 40 million consumers according to The Gluten-Free Agency.
For consumers who are used to eating mostly processed food, transitioning off of gluten can be a difficult process. The average eater relies heavily on carbohydrates and most processed food contains wheat and/or gluten ingredients. Click here for our blog post about Understanding Gluten.

Holistic health advocates would recommend that we all eventually transition to a real food diet, where our meals are made up of primarily whole foods, however for many eaters this is a big leap and the option of gluten-free foods is of great value.

Here is a long list of the gluten-free options currently available at The Big Carrot. We hope this is useful to anyone thinking about or currently trying to get gluten out of their diet.

Bread – Little Stream, Organic Oven, O’Dough’s, Aidan’s, Jennifer’s

Bagels – Organic Oven

Hamburger and hotdog (seasonal) buns – Organic Oven

Wraps – Organic Oven, Rudi’s, Jacob’s Bakery, Wrap it up Raw

Pizza Crust – Organic Oven, Sinex, Spice Market

Baguette – Aidan’s

Pita Bread – Aidan’s

We also carry gluten-free treats and sweets such as muffins, cakes, cookies, butter tarts, crackers, bite-size brownies, pies… you are not going to ‘without’.

This is a great recipe using Rudi’s GF wraps from Eat n’ About blog!

We also have plenty of gluten-free recipes on our website!

Sarah Dobec Public Relations and Education Outreach Coordinator for The Big Carrot

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