Healthy People Healthy Planet

Healthy People Healthy Planet

Healthy People Healthy Planet

Dr. David Wang will be presenting his Healthy People Healthy Planet seminar on April 20th at 7pm at The Big Carrot.

Takeaways from the talk include how to phase out toxic chemicals in your life by using plant based, green cleaning and beauty products, learning how to live clean and consciously in the 21st century by adopting a plant centric diet, incorporating minimalism into your lifestyle and thinking critically before purchasing goods. If you can’t make the talk or you’re wanting the tools you need to accomplish a cleaner lifestyle, download Dr. Wang’s free ebook. In this magazine style info kit, you’ll receive most of the information he’ll be elaborating on as well as a DIY natural cleaner chart, and a list of commonly found toxins in natural care products. This will provide you with all the tools you need, in a travel friendly format.

How your toxic load impacts your health

A healthy planet creates healthy people and healthy people create a healthy planet. Adopting a more conscious and clean lifestyle will provide you with profound mental and physical health benefits.

Toxicity in your life

Most people are very unaware of the chemical soup in which we live. Yes, a very toxic chemical soup. Unfortunately, I’m not being overly dramatic. We expose ourselves to harmful chemicals every single day. The average woman comes in contact with 168 different chemicals daily, and that’s just from cosmetics! For men, it’s about half of that number1. Keep in mind this doesn’t include the pesticides in our food, air/water pollution, car emissions, or off gassing chemicals from things like furniture, clothes and the plastic container many of us put our work lunches in.

Toxins are not only harmful to you, but also your family and especially babies! Not long ago, we believed the placenta shielded an unborn child from many of the toxins and pollutants that could cause harm. However, a study commissioned by the Environmental Working Group found an average of 300 chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of babies born in the US between August and September of 2004. These chemicals were found to harbour such things as pesticides, repellents used in fast food packaging, clothes and textiles, as well as Teflon, and waste from burning coal, gasoline and garbage. Of these chemicals, 212 were industrial chemicals and pesticides that has been banned almost 30 years prior 2.

The good news is, we are resilient, to a certain extent. Despite all of this, our body does a pretty good job at filtering out these substances. There are lots of chemicals you can’t control coming in contact with, which is okay. BUT there are also lots of chemicals you can eliminate exposing yourself to, so your body will be better equipped to fight off overexposure to the chemicals you can’t control.

Overexposure to toxins has shown to increase our risk of developing serious health issues like ADD/ADHD, obesity, diabetes, infertility, miscarriage, as well as allergies and autoimmune diseases. This obviously proves to be a major problem. We know the toxins in our world play a crucial role in our health and wellbeing, yet it’s reported that only 1 in 15 physicians is trained in environmental exposure, and less than 20% council women who are pregnant about the risks to their unborn child3.

Detox tips

Whether you’re a soon to be mom, or just wanting a healthier, toxic free lifestyle, you can help your body detoxify and rid itself of some harmful substances. Eating a colourful, whole food, plant-based (or plant-centric) diet, and supplementing with quality organic, whole food supplements, is imperative to ensuring your body has the wide array of nutrients and phytonutrients it needs to support detoxification and stay healthy.

Other things you can do:  switch to homemade or 100% plant based cleaners and green beauty products and eat certified organic foods whenever possible. Get outside in nature as much as you can, exercise regularly and maintain a positive mindset. Try embracing minimalism to reduce waste, stop buying cheaply made goods and invest in experiences rather than material things.

These habits may sound like a lot to invest in, but the return is something so priceless. A healthy body, mind and planet.

For all of the tools you need to live the most clean and conscious lifestyle, download my latest Ebook: Healthy People Healthy Planet and check out our Healthy Conscious Living Guide.

Written by Dr. David Wang


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