Holiday Aromatherapy Essentials

Holiday Aromatherapy Essentials

Some new and exciting essential oils, aromatherapy essentials and accompaniments to check out at The Big Carrot Danforth Community Market this holiday season.

Some of My Favorites

Walk in the Woods by Pure Potent Wow, a blend that makes you feel like you are walking in the woods or sitting by a fire in a cabin in the woods. Very seasonal. Come in to smell it! We also carry their roll-ons. Used as a calmative, Peppermint Relief, is ready to apply on the nape of the neck for headaches or muscular tension. Great for seasonally induced headaches lol. We also carry, Pure Potent Wow Essential Oil Starter Packs, great for travel or gifting.

Inner Child, a blend by Awaken My Senses containing 100% pure ingredients of organic Jojoba Oil with organic essential oils of Lime, Sweet Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon and Vanilla. Good if you want to nurture and reconnect with your inner child. Citrus oils are happy, straightforward smelling oils that most of us are familiar with, evoking and building happiness and encapsulating the sunshine from the climates they grow in. Vanilla awakens our sweetness and softness. We also stock their carrier and therapeutic oils, a selection of certified organic oils including Sweet Almond, Borage, and Jojoba Oil. Jojoba is actually a natural liquid wax that emulates the body’s own oils and is very good for the skin! Heads up: We also have a small selection of Awaken My Senses essential oils in our clearance section.

The Aromatherapist Rose Oils, we have a canon of them: Rose Absolute, Rose Bulgarian, Jojoba Rose, Queen of Roses. Rose is a great oil to heal issues of the symbolic heart and summon beauty into our life. Rose Absolute is best used in perfumery. Rose Bulgarian is great for skincare or if you need an emotional boost. Jojoba Rose is ready for skin application and a more cost-effective way to use Rose. Queen of Roses is a divine blend containing Turkish Rose, Rose Geranium, Palmarosa, and Frankincense. The Frankincense is a grounding base note to the florals in this blend.

What’s New

We are proud to have expanded our Living Libations line of essential oils with rare oils such as Schizandra Berry, Turmeric, and Palo Santo. Living Libations is at the forefront of Aromatherapy in Canada sourcing very high quality, sustainably harvested essential oils.

Their Schizandra is great for sensitive skin and suitable to put into a skincare blend with a carrier oil. Turmeric is known to be anti-inflammatory and can also be put into a carrier oil and applied on the body to help reduce inflammation. Palo santo is a wood from South America traditionally used by the Incas and other civilizations for purifying and healing the body, it is great to diffuse into the air by itself or in a blend.

We are excited to have brought in The Aerium® PRO essential oil diffuser by Divine Essence. It is a glass nebulizer which uses a process of cold vaporization of essential oils. It disperses fine particles of essential oils into the air without heating or altering the oil.

This diffuser is glassware with a solid wooden base and includes an LED lighting feature with the option to have 5 changing colours. As a bonus, it includes a bottle of Sweet Orange essential oil in each box.

Another great new addition is the Organic Shea Nut Oil from Aura Cacia. Suitable for skin and hair, high in essential fatty acids. Great for moisturizing! We also carry many of their third-party Certified Organic essential oils and carrier oils.

Please visit us this holiday season; we are happy to help you locate these products!

By Lisa Smolkin, Resident Aromatherapist

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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