Holiday Season or Holiday Stress

Coffee alternatives like Matcha Green Tea can help with holiday stress

The time of twinkly lights, crisp Canadian air, giving, receiving and gathering.
What about this particular season makes it stressful then? You can almost see the list stacking up beside you, can’t you? The to-do lists, the “have tos” are mounting, the invitations, the obligations, the end of year projects and the expectations of friends, family, colleagues, bosses and not to mention our own desires as to what we think this season should look like. Wow that is a lot. It’s getting pretty stuffy and crowded in here.

Okay now open a window. Let the breeze come through the window, let it pick up and carry away any lists, thoughts, feelings about the holiday season.. Imagine the space now cleared, free of any ideas, or obligations and there you are. Now what can we do for you, to support you right here and right now?

Tips for the holidays.

Say No. Not everyone needs to be seen before and during winter holidays. For many January can feel quite lonely, consider opting to see some loved ones after the holidays when the winter blues are more likely to kick in and they could really use a boost from company.

Rest. Magnesium use in the body substantially increases in times of stress. This mineral can help our tense overworked muscles relax and promotes sleep when taken at night.

Coffee alternatives. Consider switching to Matcha green tea. Matcha still contains caffeine for that energy kick but it’s L-Theanine content helps the mind focus with a sense of calm.
For non-caffeine users or those wanting a way to support their adrenals this season another option are one of the many delicious mushroom elixirs on the market. Consider one that contains Cordyceps as these fungi can help balance cortisol levels while also stimulating our immune system. Win Win.
The Santa list: You remember don’t you? Your favourite toys. The ones you would play with again and again. Opt for quality rather than quantity when choosing gifts. Keeping in mind the simple gifts are also sometimes the most loved. And it’s the experience they will remember so consider choosing a gift that involves your interaction with them.

Honour your emotional and environmental well being.   Flower Essences are vibrational in nature, like homeopathic remedies, the “impact does not derive from any direct bio-chemical interaction within the physiology of the body. Rather, flower essences work through the various human energy fields, which in turn influences mental, emotional, and physical well-being.” (Kaminski, Katz, 7)

Here are just a few examples of various flower essence remedies that you may find supportive at this time.

Elm helps “feeling overwhelmed by responsibility; taking on too much.” Sound familiar? (Kaminski, Katz, 155)

For those entering gatherings where others are often critical, Yarrow is utilized when there is “stress due to negative thoughts and intentions of others”.

Feeling overworked, Aloe Vera is indicated for “depletion of life forces through overwork; inability to enjoy simple pleasures of life.”

Finally for the perfectionist out there, Crab Apple, “obsession with perfection, desire to have perfect home or environment, over-dependent on external environment for inner well-being.” (Kaminski, Katz, 115)

There are choices out there that can bring back that sparkle of the holiday and dispel those feelings of holiday stress. Come into The Big Carrot Herbal Dispensary and speak to one of our consultants to discuss the options that work best for you.


Rebecca Hanratty, Holistic Nutritionist at The Big Carrot

Photo provided by unsplashed @worthyofelegance

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The Flower Essence Society
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