Holistic Pain Relief

Holistic Pain Relief Holistic Pain Relief
You Change Your Body Chemistry Every Time You Eat!

Most people tend to think of food in terms of calories—do I eat too few or too many?  But not all calories are created equal.

A small plate of processed starchy foods does not affect you the same as a large plate of steamed green vegetables with an oil-lemon dressing, though both may contain 200 calories. The processed foods will cause inflammation in your body, and most likely  some of those starchy calories will be turned into fat. The vegetables, on the other hand, have inflammation-fighting properties and are packed with nutrients that will leave you feeling refreshed.

By decreasing inflammation that comes from eating refined foods, unhealthy oils, chemical additives, fried foods and sugars, we can promote healing in our bodies, and reduce our tendency to get chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Pain is a wake up call and it comes along with many chronic conditions. Healthy food choices can help. Buying organic food helps too, by reducing your consumption of pesticides and antibiotics.

In addition to helping our health, choosing organics helps our planet. After studying international methods of agriculture, The World Health Organization concluded that small organic farms, not big agribusinesses, are the way to sustainably feed the world population.

I wrote Holistic Pain Relief  to inform people of the many choices they can make to improve not only their pain but also their health. Whenever I see a new patient in pain, I start by discussing healthy food choices.

Heather Tick MD


Holistic Pain Relief  – The topic of a Thursday Night Lecture on February 27th, 2014 with Dr Tick.

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