Homeopathic Advice for Children’s Immunity

Homeopathic Advice for Children's Immunity Homeopathic Advice for Childrens Immunity

Last year, I bought my toddler the most wonderful pair of bright yellow rain boots.  For several weeks, she wanted to wear them everywhere including every puddle she could find.  Just like my kid, most kids don’t care how dirty they get because they are just having so much fun.

The problem comes if our kids get their boots stuck when they are playing in the mud.  Our kids can usually ask for our help when this happens. Asking for help when they don’t feel well can be more difficult. When you are small and are just learning to talk, it can feel really frustrating to communicate your feelings in such a way that the loving adults in your life really understand.  No matter how much our children change as they grow older, one thing remains the same.  It is still our job as parents to help them to feel better.  The truth is that we want our kids to be healthy and happy no matter what.

Sometimes children just can’t seem to get over some ailments.  Just like us, they get stuck.  In fact, getting stuck is a perfect way to describe what happens in chronic illness.  By definition, a chronic illness whether it’s headaches, allergies or ear infections are conditions that slowly get worse over time which our body (or our immune system) just can’t seem to completely get rid of.

Most of the families that bring their children to my clinic have one of the following experiences.  The following scenarios might also ring true for you and your family;

  1. In spite of repeated tests, your child’s medical doctor can’t give tell you what’s wrong with your child.  Like most parents, you know your child and you know that they aren’t well.
  2. Your doctor has given you a prescription for your child’s eczema, repeated ear infections or stomach problems.  The medication seemed to work for awhile but the symptoms often come back.  You are looking for a treatment that goes deeper; and works beyond the surface
  3. Sometimes, some people need to take pharmaceutical medications.  The truth is that you are worried about side effects and want to find a safer and gentler alternative.

I’m Rebecca Gower.  I’m a Homeopath.   If you are a parent who is tired of watching your kid(s) get stuck in the mud, I want you to know that there are safe and effective natural options available to help your kids feel better.

As a mother myself, I understand how important it is that we feel supported and healthy so we can take care of families.  I also get what a precious gift our children are; and how our greatest wish for them is both health and happiness. Since 2008, I’ve helped 100s of women and their families to feel healthy and happy.  I delight in bringing empathy to the science of Homeopathy to help my patients and their families to rediscover health and happiness.

If you want to find out more, I invite you to visit my website where you can find out more about me and my approach.  You can also download my guide ‘Mama Bear’s Guide to Safe Medicine’ by clicking here.

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Rebecca Gower B.A., M.A., DSHM(HONS)

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