How to Achieve that Fall Look Naturally

How to Achieve that Fall Look Naturally How to Achieve that Fall Look Naturally

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin chai, pumpkin cookies …

This school year has kicked off and along with it has been our obsession with pumpkin spice and I’m not just talking about food. For all you lovely people that love orange, gold, and bronze this falls biggest look was made for you. And this will be evident with the looks you will see in the up coming weeks.

Using many of our natural and organic make-up products our makeup artist Daniella created this lovely look that can be done for class or for a night out on the town.

This is what she used

100% Pure – Deeply Sun kissed

Zuzu – L24 Liquid Foundation

100% Pure – Cocoa Glow Powder

Under the eyes Zuii – Mandarin lipstick was used to brighten up the area and neutralize any darkness


100% Pure – Starlight

100% Pure – Naked Palette II Luminizer


Gabriel – Warm Beige Primer

Zuii- Flame Eyeshadow

Zuzu – Egytian Gold Eyeshadow

Gabriel – Contour blush

Zuzu – Raven Liquid Eyeliner

100% Pure – Naked II Palette Highlighter


Pure Anada – Cliff Brow Powder Lashes

Pure Anada – Black Mascara


100% Pure – Blood Orange Lipstick

100% Pure Aubergine Lipstick

If you like this look and wish to recreate it come in and have our lovely makeup artist help you pick out products that will suit your skin tone. We offer consultations and makeup applications.

Jennifer Merida, Big Carrot Makeup Artist

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