How to Shop for Sustainable Canned Tuna at The Big Carrot

How to Shop for Sustainable Canned Tuna at The Big Carrot How to Shop for Sustainable Canned Tuna at The Big Carrot

Have you experienced G.A.P.- Grocery Aisle Paralysis. You want to make your food dollars count, but can’t decode the tuna can to know if you are making the “right” choice? All you want is a Sustainable Canned Tuna. We agree – it shouldn’t feel so complicated. If this sounds all too familiar, then check out this quick video from our partner Ocean Wise, Canada’s leading ocean conservation organization.

In the video, Ocean Wise highlights the three elements to look for when choosing sustainable canned tuna.

At the Big Carrot, all our Sustainable Canned Tuna and salmon (as well as all our fresh and frozen seafood) is Ocean Wise approved. Ocean Wise-approved seafood ensures research has been conducted to show that this fish/seafood is abundant, well managed, and caught by fishing methods that minimize impacts on non-target species as well as the surrounding habitat.

In addition to Sustainable Canned Tuna (and shrimp) suppliers are committed to third-party social accountability in their supply chains (which means, no human rights abuses). It is easy to see why our tuna brands are ranked the Top Two best choices of tuna brands as determined by Greenpeace Canada’s Tuna Guide.

So when shopping At The Big Carrot you don’t need to fret over choosing the “right tuna”- because when it comes to Sustainable Canned Tuna – every choice is the “right one”.

Visit to learn more about this important organization.

Download the free Ocean Wise app at the iTunes store or Google Play.

Learn more about The Big Carrot’s Sustainable Seafood commitment here.

Additional info on Greenpeace Sustainable Canned Tuna Ranking

“Greenpeace Canada has once again ranked well-known Sustainable Canned Tuna brands sold in the Canadian market. Companies are scored on their attention to employing strong sustainability and social responsibility tuna sourcing standards, with the ultimate goal of ensuring healthier oceans and safer working conditions for the people who fish, process, and deliver tuna from sea to shelf.” Check out the Tuna Guide for Healthier Oceans site for a product by product rating of dozens of brands and products sold across Canada.

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