Herb of the Month: Lemon Balm!


Feeling hot, agitated & anxious? Meet Lemon Balm, aka Melissa officinalis, to help you feel cool, calm and collected!

Part of the mint family, this gentle herb brings impressive results for anxiety, mild depression, fevers, and stomach ailments. This powerhouse herb is a gentle nervine that calms the nerves, improves mood and helps in stressful situations. It can ease heart palpitations and reduce high blood pressure caused by stress. It also helps alleviate irritated stomach (gas and or bloating) and can be used to relax before bed.

Lemon balm also has strong anti-viral properties and can be supplemented to aid with viral infections and fevers, and applied topically to herpes simplex outbreaks (cold sores). Lemon balm is excellent at easing anxiety without causing drowsiness like some other, more potent nervine herbs which makes it ideal for studying and or multi-tasking. 

Try a fresh lemon balm plant tincture or as a tea. You can add some fresh rosemary for improved memory, focus and energy.

Multi-taskers Tea or  Exam/ Deadline Panic Tea

2 Tbsp dried lemon balm leaves
1 teaspoon dried rosemary or 3 Tbsp fresh
1 teaspoon peppermint leaves

Bring water to a boil and pour over the herbs
Let steep for 10-15mins
Sweeten to taste with honey or sweetener of choice

Drink and enjoy!

Lemon balm hibiscus lemon-aid

A wonderful cooling herb, lemon balm can fit into any lemonade recipe.

3 Tbsp dried lemon balm leaves
2 Tbsp dried hibiscus
3 lemons
2-litre spring or filtered water
2 Tbsp monk fruit or stevia to taste

Bring to boil the spring or filtered water, pour over the herbs and let steep 15 mins. Covered. Strain and cool.
(Fresh lemon balm can be used as well  A good ‘handful’ of fresh leaves can be finely chopped and used in the recipe.)
Juice the 3 lemons and add to the cooled tea
Sweeten to taste
Enjoy! Particularly good on hot days!

Lemon balm tincture drops can also be used in hot water/teas and in any recipe where lemon balm is required.

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