Herb of the Month: Dandelion!

(Simple Dandelion Salad Recipe below)


Dandelion is the quintessential Spring herb! When the fields and lawns become a sea of yellow, you know Spring has finally sprung in full force. Dandelion is a great herb to consider for detoxing with its powerful liver and cleansing properties. Read below to learn more about the Dandelion, which products we carry at The Big Carrot and how you can incorporate Dandelion’s health benefits into your everyday life through a simple salad recipe. 

Dandelion is a nutrient-dense herb with many uses, and all parts of this plant are edible. The leaves are used in the urinary tract and diuretic formulas, and the roots have an affinity for the liver and digestive tract. It supports liver function and is excellent for detoxing and cleansing. It also has potent medicinal properties and is currently studied for cancer therapy.

The root can be created into a tincture, dried for tea or even roasted as a coffee substitute. The leaves can also be steamed or eaten fresh. The blossoms are edible and can be cooked, steeped for tea, salads or made into topical massage oil. Even the sap from the stems can be topically applied to rid the body of warts.

You can find Dandelion leaves in our Produce section, as a coffee substitute in our Grocery department and its sifted root form in our Unpacked Bulk area. Our Wholistic Dispensary has dandelion in tincture, capsule and tea form. It is also in many formulations used for liver support and cleansing. Look out for the following products in-store:

In single herb tinctures: Clef des Champs, St Francis & Botanica.

As Combination tinctures, capsules and formulas:
Liver Support & Digestive Bitters by Botanica
Hepato DR & Gallbladder Support by St Francis
Lily of the Desert Detox formula
Omega Alpha Liver Flush
Land Art Total Detox
A Vogel Bodocynara
Provita Liver Hepato Protect
New Roots Liver formula
Healthology Liv Great formula
Harmonic Arts Cleanse Tea, and many more!

Simple Dandelion Salad Recipe

  • Wash hand-picked or store-bought leaves well
  • Drizzle organic olive oil on the leaves, and gently massage
  • Add tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions and some sprouts (organic broccoli or garlic sprouts are great nutrient additions to any salad)
  • Add some sea salt and apple cider vinegar to taste

Add a few tablespoons of dried dandelion root to any vegetables or bone broth, or soup for added liver protection and cleansing properties. Simmer and discard the dandelion.

Speak to one of our Wholistic Dispensary Consultants if you have any questions or email us at [email protected] Always talk to your healthcare provider to see if Dandelion is suitable for you.


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