Join our Rewards Program

Welcome to the Big Carrot Rewards Program!! Cards are available for pick-up in store at customer service or from your cashier. Create your account by registering your card and filling out the form. Activation of your account will occur the next day. You can check your points balance on the bottom of your cash receipt or track your points online (points will appear online 24 hours after the purchase). Once you collect 200,000 points your receipt will remind you that you can either redeem your points or continue collecting! Get started by creating your account!
Earn points for every penny you spend with us in every department (before taxes)
Points totals over 200,000 can be redeemed for $10.00 off your next purchase 200,000 points = $10.00
Earn extra points when you Bring Your Own Bags. Each reusable bag you fill is worth 2000 reward points.
Earn double points on our In Store Flyer specials and other select items.

Rules and Regulations

This card identifies the holder as a member of The Big Carrot Rewards Program which accepts the rules and regulations of the program. This is not a credit card. Points cannot be redeemed for cash. The Big Carrot Natural Food Market has the right to change or modify the program. Every penny spent before taxes is the equivalent of one point. Once you collect 200,000 points you can redeem them for $10.00 off your grocery bill or continue to collect more points. You can receive 2000 points for every reusable bag you fill with purchases. This excludes cardboard boxes, purses and produce bags. Gift cards, event tickets, mail outs and orders over the phone are exempt from point collection. As stated in our Privacy Policy, at no time will we ever sell or share your personal information. We collect your data for our own marketing and business development purposes. The Big Carrot Rewards card and all points collected remain the sole property of The Big Carrot Natural Food Market and may be revoked at any time by The Big Carrot Natural Food Market in its sole discretion.

Lost card?

No problem. Contact for a replacement card.

Register your phone number!

You can collect points without your card by using your phone number at check-out.  You must register your phone number to use this function. We cannot add points to accounts manually after a transaction is complete.

Secure Site

Our Customer Rewards web pages are fully secure with https: links. This allows secure communication over a computer network and keeps your personal information safe.