National Sustainable Seafood Day – May 9

National Sustainable Seafood Day - May 9 National Sustainable Seafood Day May 9

“Canada has three oceans which have given us safe, wild seafood sources for millennia. It is high time we celebrate that fact and raise awareness about the importance of fishing this food source sustainably to ensure social, economic and environmental viability for future generations.”

Susanna Fuller, SeaChoice representative from the Ecology Action Centre.

On May 9th we will celebrate National Sustainable Seafood day. On this day, from coast to coast Canadians are encouraged to join in the sustainable seafood movement to help protect our oceans and the aquatic life within them. Unsure how to celebrate?… Be like a fish and get “schooled” on the best sustainable seafood choices so that you can make the most informed, powerful choices when shopping.

The celebrations on May 9th are also designed to urge the government of Canada to create an official National Sustainable Seafood Day. By doing so, the Government of Canada will show their support for healthier oceans and raise awareness about the issues of overfishing and poor fishing/harvesting methods. The Big Carrot was proud to add our name to the petition in support of bringing National Sustainable Seafood Day to Canada and hope you will do the same.

Of course, like Valentine’s Day, Earth Day or Teacher Appreciation Day it is vital that we stay engaged all year long and not just on a designated day. At The Big Carrot we do that by sourcing and purchasing seafood products from sustainable fisheries. You will never find fish categorized by SeaChoice as “Avoid” at The Big Carrot. You will find clear labels that provide detailed method and region of catch. We are also proud to partner with Canada’s leading National sustainable seafood program, SeaChoice. SeaChoice provides science-based sustainability assessments of seafood and helps Canadian businesses and consumers make sustainable seafood choices.

So this May 9th don’t feel torn by being a seafood lover and a lover of our oceans.  Choose wisely and celebrate National Sustainable Seafood day with perhaps some Green Listed smoked Mackerel. Here is my favourite decadent Jamie Oliver Smoked Carbonera that I love to make using our Smoked Mackerel or Smoked Trout.

Factors like overfishing and poor management practices threaten marine life and the health of our oceans. Some shocking facts:

  • Over 90% of large marine predators have disappeared from our oceans
  • Globally, 75% of fisheries are fully exploited, overexploited or depleted
  • Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing globally costs $10-23.5 billion per year.
  • On average, 27 million tonnes of bycatch (unwanted marine life including marine mammals, sea turtles, sharks and juvenile fish) are thrown overboard, dead or dieing, each year

Maureen Kirkpatrick is our Standards Coordinator

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