Nature’s Finest Fund Update – Kind Organics

Nature's Finest Fund Update - Kind Organics Natures Finest Fund update Kind Organics

Thank you very much for selecting us as one of the recipients of the Natures Finest Fund!

We are excited about the project of converting over the 10,000 sq ft greenhouse to organic baby green production.

We are growing year round and working 7 days a week this time of year to prepare for the year ahead…

As you might know, we have been using our next door neighbour’s property for growing outdoors certified organic greens for several years. This winter our neighbour also offered us the long term use of his greenhouses in which he has used conventional fertilizers to grow Asian Greens in ground. The greenhouses consist of one large hoop style greenhouse and one glass greenhouse that are each approximately 40×100 feet, and one gutter connect 3 bay 10,000 sq foot greenhouse.  We have converted one of the smaller greenhouses to growing certified organic sprouts and micro greens in trays on tables. We have covered up the soil with a heavy duty ground cloth. Water is drawn from a drilled well and run through a series of filters including an iron filter, a sediment filter, a carbon filter and a UV light.

Nature's Finest Fund Update - Kind Organics Natures Finest Fund update Kind Organics1

Update on the project progress:

  • We have connected with Pro-cert organic systems (our certifying body) and had them approve the method of conversion for the 10,000 sq foot greenhouse.
  • We will be covering the existing soil with two layers of heavy duty ground cloth and building raised beds on top of them using a system available from Farm Tek.
  • We have ordered the ground cloth and the raised beds and I am told we will have both at our farm by the second week of March.
  • Certified Organic Soil will be brought in from our present soil supplier which is Pefferlaw Peat Products, we will be augmenting the soil using our own compost from sprouts and micro greens.


Moving 330+ cubic feet of soil into a greenhouse will take time and lots of man power. The 10,000 sq foot greenhouse is located approximately 600 feet from the road, there is a narrow driveway that winds around two small ponds and has small trees lining it making it difficult to bring large trucks of soil in. We will have to resort to receiving smaller deliveries of soil which will escalate the price and the time to complete the project. Also, we have a lot more snow here at the farm and will have to wait for it to melt before we can take trucks of soil to the greenhouse.

Tamas Dombi

Kind Organics

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