It supports your metabolism

The broth of this Onabe is made with Kelp, a super healthy sea vegetable that is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Iodine is one such trace mineral that is found abundantly in most sea vegetables, including kelp, and is extremely important for the healthy functioning of our thyroid gland.

It is crucial to support the thyroid gland as it controls the rate at which our entire body conducts chemical and physical processes (i.e. the rate of metabolism).  Even if you do not suffer from hypothyroidism (aka under-active thyroid syndrome) on a regular basis, you may still feel sluggish after overindulging in alcohol and mountains of mashed potatoes.

This soup broth provides your thyroid with one of the main ingredients it needs to produce its hormones and ultimately, to function optimally.

Onabe detoxifies the system

One of the main ingredients in Onabe broth is burdock root, a plant that has been touted by several cultures for its wide array of health benefits. One of the most important characteristics of this root is that it helps to increase the effectiveness of our detoxifying organs & systems. Burdock acts as diuretic that enhances kidney function so that you can eliminate waste through your urine. Additionally, two compounds in burdock, inulin and mucilage, have a mild laxative effect that will gently assist your intestinal tract’s ability to naturally excrete toxic waste.

Burdock root is also considered a blood purifier by Ayurvedic medicine doctors, meaning that it helps keep cancer and diseases at bay.

It reconnects you to friends & family

Come January 1st most of us tend to need a break from the hectic social pace of the holiday season. It is perfectly natural to want to escape to planet Hermit (population one!) for a few weeks as it allows us to recharge our batteries for the year ahead.

When you are ready to resurface from your quiet time and are looking for a healthy way to reconnect with friends and family, invite them over for this delicious, warming Japanese hotpot.

The Big Carrot customer service crew were lucky enough to enjoy this dish a few weeks ago at our Japanese nutritionist’s house. We sat around her table on a comfortable (and heated!) rug with chop sticks in hand. We slurped, laughed, and enjoyed each spoonful of goodness as a group. It was a lovely way to spend a social evening, catching up, and enjoying a unique experience together and it became very clear that this traditional Japanese hotpot is a dish best served with good friends.

Alex Comrie, B.Comm, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.)

Nutritional Consulting

Holistic Catering

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