Organic Inspection Recap

What’s rigorous, happens every year, and results in greater trust (and a glass of organic wine)? Our organic inspection!

October 12th marked our 8th annual Organic Inspection. Be they farmers, cereal manufacturers or retailers – if you are a certified organic operation you must undergo an annual inspection as part of the Canada Organic Standard. This level of accountability, transparency and traceability is what makes Organic a most trusted logo to look for.

Our inspector toured our warehouse, new Meat Processing Facility and all of our departments at the store that process organic products like the kitchen, produce, juice bar, meat and cheese. He spoke with staff and reviewed our production logs as well as our financial books to ensure that we are walking our talk and following our entire Organic compliance plan.

Few retailers choose to certify their activities to the Canada Organic Standard. It is a lot of extra work. When asked why we do it- I always give the same answer- we take our role in the supply chain very seriously. We consider ourselves organic stewards – protecting the hard work of all the farmers before us.

Here’s to another year of Organic integrity!

Maureen Kirkpatrick, Standards Coordinator