Organic Week Quiz

Organic Week Quiz COSlogo

What does the Canada Organic logo signify?

A. The product is produced in Canada

B. The product and company has been reviewed annually by a certifying agent and is in compliance with the Canada Organic Standard

C. The product is free of all chemical residues

D. The product was produced on a small ecological farm

The Big Carrot has been certified to the Canada Organic Standard since what year?

A. 1983

B. 2009

C. 2016

Our Organic certification means that we must:

A. Only sell organic products

B. Protect the organic integrity of our organic products at every stage

C. Use only vinegar and water to sanitize

Retailers, like organic farmers who are certified to the Canada Organic Standard must:

A. Compost

B. Provide sunlight, shade and fresh air

C. Be inspected every year

Organic is a core value of The Big Carrot because:

A. It is better for people

B. It is better for the planet

C. It is better for the farmers

D. It is better for communities

E. It is better for animals

F. It is better for pollinators

G. It is better for waterways

H. It is better for biodiversity

I. All of the above

Come to our Organic Week courtyard event on Thursday September 21, 2017 to learn the answers.

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