Animal Welfare

The Big Carrot prioritizes small Ontario family farms as well as organic and pastured meat. Meat from intensive factory farms or feedlots, the use of synthetic hormones and antibiotics in the feed is prohibited. A signed affidavit is collected from each producer of fresh/frozen meat regarding this prohibition as well as a description of on farm practices that ensures all animals are being raised in a manner that allows them to live with dignity and express their natural behaviour. 

For many city folks the idea of “knowing your farmer” remains aspirational. Many shoppers express that they count on us to maintain this direct relationship with our producers. We understand you trust us to know the farmers we work with…and we do.

We are committed to on farm visits, of all of our suppliers who raise animals for our fresh meat sales, to ensure the animals are being raised with care and respect.

To date, farm visits have helped us to better understand the complexity of each operation and some of the challenges they face. It has also helped us identify places we want to improve. As a result we have identified clear goals for moving forward.

In addition to farm visits we rely on a producer questionnaire and written agreements for each producer. Of course, nothing replaces the benefit of seeing a farm first hand.

Know the difference to make a difference- choose organic animal products

In all areas of the store we strive to offer choices that are both in line with our values (while being mindful that not every shopper values the same thing) and respect the fact that many shoppers are seeking an economical way to stretch their food dollars. 

When it comes to Animal Products we offer three categories:


Farm animals must have access to fields, plenty of space – which helps to reduce stress and disease, must be fed an organic diet, free from GMOs and only be given drugs to treat an illness – the routine use of antibiotics is prohibited. Organic Livestock are required to meet the, federally regulated, Canada Organic Standard; which includes annual third party inspections. All organic products are traceable from farm to fork. Regulated non-GMO feed


Livestock production must be pasture/grass/forage based. Grass and forage shall be the feed source consumed for the lifetime of the ruminant animal, with the exception of milk consumed prior to weaning. Animals cannot be fed grain or grain byproducts and must have continuous access to pasture or stored forage in winter. All livestock must have access to outdoor grazing areas for their entire lives. In Canada, pasture and grass fed operations are unregulated. Committed to non-GMO feed.


Producers are committed to raising livestock without cages or crowding. Their production varies from farm to farm and is not governed by any

regulation or third party inspections. All Big Carrot producers sign a vendor agreement declaring their on-farm practices. Raised on conventional feed.

At The Big Carrot, we promote livestock production that is sustainable and healthy for all involved: from farmers to their animals, communities and our consumers.

For more information, please see our meat buying guide and our prepared meat buying guide

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