Our Environmental Mandate

The Big Carrot Environmental Committee is comprised of a group of workers and members who share a vision of a more sustainable future for our store and the community. The committee's goal is to research and seek out innovative strategies for present and futures operations within the store and to assist managers with their integration.  

The Big Carrot is committed to the following environmental practices: 

In our Daily Operations  

  • We use solar panel energy to heat our water in the Organic Juice Bar 
  • Our Wholistic Dispensary and Organic Juice Bar are powered by Bullfrog Power
  • We implement energy efficient fridges in our Fridge & Frozen department
  • We use third party energy audit companies to help us keep current and up to date on operation strategies for energy conservation
  • Our store uses environmentally friendly in-house cleaning products (without violating Health and Safety regulations)


Keeping up Standards

  • We give priority to Organics, preventing pesticide use and soil erosion
  • We practice GMO avoidance purchasing policies in the majority of our store
  • We have a local purchasing policy in our store 
  • We prohibit the purchase of "red" listed fish as per SeaChoice Canada rankings as well as the purchase of conventionally farmed fin-fish
  • We have ingredients standards in our food and body care that help prevent toxic chemicals from entering our environment


Within the Community 

  • We provide free education outreach on green living and sustainability.
  • We donate money to environmental organizations every year.
  • Our participation in Carrot Cache helped fund the building of the Carrot Common Green Roof. 



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Our hours of operation Juice Bar Winter Hours
Monday-Friday 9:00-9:00
Saturday 9:00-8:00
Sunday 10:00-6:00
Monday-Friday 8:30-8:00
Saturday 9:00-7:00
Sunday 10:00-6:00

We are closed on Victoria Day Monday, May 21st.

Give us a call 416-466-2129

The Big Carrot is located in the Carrot Common, 348 Danforth Ave. 3 Blocks east of Broadview Ave. or 1 block west of the Chester subway.

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Metered Parking is available on Danforth Ave. and in the Carrot Common parking lot.