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From asparagus and fiddleheads in the spring to apples and hearty root vegetables in the fall, and all the meat and dairy in between, eating locally affords us the pleasure of anticipating Ontario's seasonal gems and regional specialties. Eating locally connects us to a sense of place, which in turn helps cultivate our awareness of our environment and how we can care for it.

The Big Carrot has been a champion of local producers from the beginning. Many of our current farm relationships date back to the early 80’s such as Pfenning's Organic Farm, Tansy Apples and Mazak Asparagus. We remain deeply committed to the development and success of Ontario’s food economy and now count as many as 250 local Ontario producers and suppliers as part of our vendor community.

Of course procurement is only one way to support our vendors.  As founding members of Carrot Cache a small foundation that funds local organic food initiatives), we have seen the transformative power of investing in our regional food economy. Inspired by this success, we wanted to provide a similar opportunity for our own producers and so the Nature’s Finest Fund was created. This annual grant program, specifically for those who supply (or wish to supply) The Big Carrot, expands the availability of locally produced food and support the producers who grow our food.

Local and Organic - better together

With over 50 certified organic Ontario producers throughout the store you never need to choose between organic and local because we know that Organic and Local is better together! Organic products meet strict federally regulated standards. This fully traceable system combined with all the benefits of supporting your local economy is at the core of transforming our food system.

Part of our commitment to Local food is helping shoppers make informed decisions about where their food comes from so in March 2015 we partnered with Localize to highlight key details about each product and gives you a quick measure of how local it is.

Local Purchasing Statement

Searching for Nature’s Finest begins in our own backyard!

The Big Carrot is committed to the ongoing development of a local network of sustainable food producers, including growers and processors. Every effort will be made to prioritize the purchasing of local food that is in line with our quality, standards and values.

Buying from local producers…

• Provides our shoppers with the freshest gold standard~ Local & Organic 

• Supports family-owned farms and farming co-operatives throughout our province. In turn, these dedicated and conscientious stewards of the land are protecting our collective future. 

• Builds diverse food hubs that have character specific to that region. 

• Grows and sustains economic vitality by keeping the income circulating within the region. 

• Reduces damaging environmental effects, now and in the future, that come with shipping products long distances.

The Big Carrot's Commitment

Our commitment to community doesn't end with local food purchasing. It is central to our identity as a worker-owned business. It extends to partnering with neighbouring businesses as well as supporting local organizations whose mandate is to foster sustainable, vibrant communities.

We're powered by Localize

The Localize score contain information about where a product was made, where it is owned, ingredients used and relevant details.



Farmer Profile - Sosnicki's

Build Your Local Organic Food Strategy

Local Food Strategy document

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