Standards Overview

The greatest strength of The Big Carrot is the accumulated knowledge and experience of its Members and Staff.  Our broad based, co-operative approach to research into healthy, organic food production and the implementation of exacting standards within the store has evolved over 30 years of searching for nature’s finest. 

Nature's Finest also means free from:

  • Artificial preservatives, flavours or Food, Drug & Cosmetic colours 
  • Artificial sweeteners, conventional (non-Organic) highly-refined sugar, corn-based fructose and conventional beet sugar. 
  • Meat products containing antibiotics, hormones or preservatives (unless required by law) 
  • Hydrogenated oils
  • Mineral oil
  • GMOs in our packaged grocery food items (within a 1% allowance for derivatives). This does not include non-organic meat products, non-organic dairy or non-organic bee products.
  • Fish categorized by SeaChoice as “Avoid”
  • Conventionally farmed fin-fish
  • Eggs from caged hens (fresh carton eggs and all eggs used in Big Carrot deli dishes and bakery products).


Our department managers, in-store nutritionists, and Standards Committee members all work diligently to continuously review the products we sell. On occasion, an item on the shelf may not meet our rigorous standards. If the Big Carrot discovers that any of its products do not meet these criteria, the item will be removed from the shelf. 

The Standards Committee

The standards committee is comprised of a dozen or so staff and members from various departments throughout the store. We meet monthly to discuss pressing issues, new concerns and how we are moving forward on our annual goals. From these discussions, recommendations are brought to the membership who decides where we will commit our resources in addition to our ongoing commitment to our fundamental values of organic and non-GMO.

Here is an overview of our 2015 goals:


Identify and promote local manufacturers and businesses.

Synthetic Biology

In conjunction with CBAN hold Synthetic Biology trade seminar. Learn more about the threat of Synthetic Biology in this amazingly informative video

Animal Welfare

Finalize, approve and adopt proposed Animal Welfare plan

Build on the success of the Meat and Egg Buying guide by completing a Prepared Meat Buying Guide.

Household Cleaners Part II

Create friendly buying guide or educational tool based on findings of last year’s Household Cleaner report.

Palm oil

Create a “How to avoid document” for Palm Oil

Milk Buying guide

Build on the success of the Meat and Egg Buying guide by completing a Milk Buying guide

Sustainable Seafood

Renew and refresh our partnership with Seachoice, include frozen seafood in chain of custody documentation.

One of the toughest aspects of our work is choosing which causes to take up. Sadly, today’s food system offers up more important issues needing attention than there is capacity. This work plan highlights our commitment to a sustainable and just food system.

Contact Standards

Contact Standards

The Big Carrot is proud to be Ontario's first retailer to certify to the new Canadian Organic Standard

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