Standards Overview

Maintaining store standards is about taking a stand. We take a stand in our purchasing and in our active engagement in civic issues that concern our shoppers such as growing the Ontario Organic market, protecting farmers’ rights and our collective right to know what is in our food. We take a stand with and for you.

Consumer education is at the centre of what we do because we believe you have to know the difference to make a difference when it comes to making every food dollar count.

Our in-store food standards overview:


The Big Carrot prioritizes organic purchasing.

All processing and handling departments operate in accordance to the Canada Organic Standard and fall under The Big Carrot organic certificate.


The Big Carrot prioritizes all Non-GMO Verified products.

If a product is neither Organic, nor Non-GMO Project Verified and contains any risk ingredients it must be reviewed by the Standards Department. Risk ingredient includes any ingredient derived form corn, soy, canola or sugar beet. At this time animal feed is not required to be non-GMO however all imported dairy product must come from RBGH- free dairies.


The Big Carrot prioritizes the purchasing of local food and goods that are in line with our standards and values.

Fair Trade:

The Big Carrot sells only third- party verified fairly traded cane sugar and coffee (bags, bulk and brewed).

Animal Products:


The Big Carrot prioritizes small Ontario family farms as well as organic and pastured meat. Meat from intensive factory farms or feedlots, the use of synthetic hormones and antibiotics in the feed is prohibited. A signed affidavit is collected for each producer of fresh/frozen meat regarding the prohibition of synthetic hormones and antibiotics in the feed. The Standards Department reviews all new meat purchasing.

Sustainable Seafood:

The Big Carrot sells only Best Choices (green) and Good Alternatives (yellow) ranked seafood. There is a small number of unranked seafood currently allowed within The Big Carrot/SeaChoice agreement so long as the species or region/method of catch is not deemed high risk or Avoid (red). The Standards Department reviews all new seafood purchasing.


The Big Carrot sells eggs from cage-free hens only.


The Big Carrot prohibits the sale of artificial sweeteners, conventional beet sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

Products with sweeteners in the Some Concerns list of the Sweetener Buying Guide must be reviewed by the Standards Department.

No FDC colours, No artificial flavours, No hydrogenated oils:

The Big Carrot prohibits the sale of food products that contain FDC colour, artificial flavour and hydrogenated oil.

Our department managers, purchasers, in-store nutritionists, and Standards Committee members all work diligently to continuously review the products we sell. On occasion, an item on the shelf may not meet our in-store standards. If the Big Carrot discovers that any of its products do not meet these criteria, the item will be removed from the shelf. 

The Standards Committee

The standards committee is comprised of employees from various departments throughout the store. Committee members represent the diverse perspectives they encounter in their work at The Big Carrot, including but not limited to, our customers, fellow employees, producers and suppliers, as well as our sector at large regarding current trends, opportunities and challenges as they relate to our procurement and standards at The Big Carrot. This communication loop is one of the many ways your customer questions and concerns are addressed. 

Contact Standards

Contact Standards

The Big Carrot is proud to be Ontario's first retailer to certify to the new Canadian Organic Standard

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