Practitioner Discount Application

Here at The Big Carrot, we have an extensive line of professional-grade supplements, with brands such as Xymogen, MediHerb, Seroyal, AOR Pro, Eversio Wellness, St. Francis, Host Defense and many more.

Practitioners who sign up through our Wholistic Dispensary receive a 15% discount on most of our supplements.

This is an opportunity for professionals to try new products, stock their professional dispensary, and build a referral relationship between our dispensary and your practice. All you have to do is fill out the “Practitioners Discount Application” below. If accepted, your card will be added to our dispensary referral list. We hope to build a reciprocal relationship between you and us and offer your clients “one-stop-shopping” and personalized services with our staff of health and wellness professionals.

Please fill out the application and email it to our Dispensary Manager [email protected] with the subject line “Practitioner Discount Application – Your Name”.

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