Protecting the Integrity of Your Food Every Step of the Way

The Canada Organic Standard protects the integrity of your food and honours the farmers who came before us

On January 14th we completed another successful Organic Inspection. All certified organic operators are inspected every year to ensure their practices continue to meet the Canada Organic Standard. This level of accountability, transparency and traceability is what makes Organic the most trusted logo in the marketplace.

Few retailers choose to certify their activities to the Canada Organic Standard. Retailers are not required to do so and it is much easier not to. So why do we choose to voluntarily certify? We go above and beyond to protect the Organic integrity of food while it is in our care.

This commitment to certification ensures our customers are getting what they pay for and we are honoring the hard work of the farmers before us.

Our compliance is an everyday effort however the inspection is the culmination of that work. During this year’s audit our inspector toured all four of our sites (2 stores, warehouse and meat facility). He spoke with staff and reviewed our receiving, production, storage, and sanitation processes. We also performed a documentation and financial reckoning that ensures we are walking our talk and following our entire Organic compliance plan. Imagine tax time with basmati rice and turkey. It was a two-day affair and we are very proud of the teamwork and diligence that enabled our success.

So when you choose the Canada Organic Logo at the Big Carrot in the deli, juice bar, produce, bulk and beyond you can feel assured that the unbroken chain of organic integrity extends right to your shopping cart- and we think that makes a Big difference.

Maureen Kirkpatrick, Quality and Standards Program Manager 

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