Immuni-tea Immuni tea

This combination of herbs is commonly used at change of season – winter to spring and fall to winter – to help boost the immune system. It can be sipped as a tea or used as a broth for Change of Season Soup!


Chaga, Reishi, Eleuthro, Astragulus, Rehmannia, Codonopsis, Goji, Wild Yam

Harmonic Arts Tonic Immuni-tea is a synergistic fusion of some of the top adaptogenic and tonic herbs and mushrooms documented throughout history. These herbs are both fortifying and restorative to the the immune function and major energy centers in the body. Considered deeply strengthening to our core health and enhances the bodies inner communication system, thus promoting harmony.  This blend is useful in assisting stress, hormone, immune, digestive, and nervous system balance, and the functions of all major organs. It provides the body with a unique mix of chemistry to reduce oxidative damage and many other lifestyle challenges. Making Tonic Immuni-tea an ideal blend for those looking to create a deeper level of health and vitality.

Brewing instructions:

Tonic Immuni-tea is best made as a strong decoction, which is lightly simmered for 10 minutes to 2 hours, then filtered and served as a tea or made into a soup of smoothie/elixir base. The herbs can often be re-brewed for a second round of tea. Typically 10-20g to 500ml of water is used, though the strength is up to the individuals preference.

Harmonic Arts is a small company of herbalists based in Comox Valley, British Columbia.

Their products are available in our Wholistic Dispensary

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