Sunny Day Latte

Relaxation tea: Super charged immune and mood-enhancing latte made from a few key ingredients

I am a firm believer Mother Nature gifts us what we need. This year Goldenrod was everywhere. I had an abundance in my gardens and I didn’t even plant it!  Goldenrod has a history of being used for seasonal allergies, an expectorant, a respiratory ally and a kidney restorative. Sounds about perfect for these times!

In TCM the emotion connected to the kidneys is fear. This is an emotion that many are experiencing. Goldenrod with its beautiful sunny disposition is also is seen as an ‘uplifter. Hence my obsession with goldenrod this year. Unless you harvest yourself it’s not easy to find dried goldenrod. Luckily, Boreal Heartland’s ‘Relaxation’ tea is made up of goldenrod, Labrador tea and nettle, plus we sell it at The Big Carrot. Boreal Heartland is a wonderful Canadian Indigenous company from northern Saskatchewan. I added some key ingredients to make a super-charged immune and mood-enhancing latte.


Boreal Heartland Relaxation tea ..2 teaspoons
Organic traditions saffron ( mood enhancer)…8 strands crushed
Biostrath drops 30 drops
BeeKeepers ‘’B Powered’ 1  teaspoon
Himalayan sea salt..1/4 teaspoon
Harmonic Arts lions mane 1 teaspoon
Ghee or grass-fed butter ..1 teaspoon
Oat milk ( you can use any type of milk or milk)..1 cup
Water..1 cup


Simmer the Relaxation tea in oat milk/water for 20 mins
Strain and add:
Biostrath drops
Lions mane
Himalayan sea salt
Put in a blender for 5-10secs..and ENJOY!
The perfect nourishing drink for immune, energy, mood and focus!

Jyne Greenly, Dispensary Purchaser

Sunny Day Latte S day latte 3

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