Summer Salad Pro Tips!

Summer Salad Pro Tips! Summer salad pro tips

Summer is here and we’re all pretty excited about it!

I can’t wait to get the beach, ride my bike, relax on a patio, and make salads.

Wait… Salads? That’s right. Salads.

We’re so lucky to live in Ontario at this time of year, when we get hit with a veritable tsunami of incredible, tasty, local produce. And right now, we’re just beginning to ride that delicious wave. So say “see ya later” to the insipid tomatoes that get trucked up here in the winter, and a big ‘hello!” to some inspiring and locally grown upgrades while you can!
Try this simple, mouth-watering summer salad. It’s light, fresh, and will leave you full of energy. I’m sure it’ll will quickly become a favourite!

Tomato Peach Feta Salad


1. Pick the best tomatoes and fruit you can! If you really want this salad to blow your socks off, you’ll need primo ingredients. Look for local food that’s in season and was grown outside in soil, sun and rain. If you can only find produce that’s making it’s way to your plate from a long ways away, make sure the food smells great and is ripe (or very near ripe) when you buy it. We’ve all purchased avocados and peaches that never ripen, and that’s a major drag.

2. Find substitutions based on point one. Nectarines tend to come in a bit before peaches do. Plums have their own season too. Find a fruit that’s fresh and delicious and use that. Any stone fruit will do.
Similarly, any tomato variety will work, as long as it’s packed full of flavour. When in doubt, cherry tomatoes tend to be extra concentrated flavour bombs compared to larger tomatoes, but fresh Ontario field tomatoes are pretty excellent!

3. Not sure which Feta to buy? I love ‘Bonfeta’. In my house, we refer to it as “The Good Cheese”.

4. I also really like Acropolis Olive Oil. I’ve been using their oil for nearly twenty years and it’s super good.

5.  Make your fresh summer sales into a more substantial meal by adding a little bit of meat. Chicken, sliced pork, sliced steak, chopped up beef patties, and diced up sausages all work well.

*I have no affiliation with any of the companies I’ve mentioned…. I just really love their products!

Peter Roberts is a sought after nutrition consultant and strength and conditioning coach in Toronto. He’s been the head coach at Quantum CrossFit since 2010 (East York’s most highly rated gym) and consulted with Canada Basketball and Rugby League Canada, among others. He provides free fitness and nutrition resources on his site to teach people how to get fitter and feel great without it being a struggle.

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