Summer Wellness Kit

Summer Wellness Kit

Summer has officially arrived, let the outside adventures begin! With such a short season in Canada, we can’t let anything stop us! With a good wellness kit on hand, you won’t have to fear bugs, sunburns or dehydration getting in the way. Our wellness department has all the supplies you’ll need without all the toxic ingredients. Here are our top picks for keeping you and your family active and safe this summer.

Sun Protection and After Care
A variety of non-toxic sunscreens – Kid friendly, waterproof, tinted, you name it we’ve got it.
Innovite UV Protect – Oral supplement to help protect against oxidative damage.
Aloe Gel – Soothe sunburnt skin.
Colloidal Silver Gel – Soothe sunburnt skin, also helpful for rashes and eczema.
Raspberry Seed Oil – For topical sun protection and after-burn care. Protective against UV rays.

Keep the Bugs at Bay
Boiron Dapis Gel – For insect bites.
Divine Essence Insect Bites Roll-on – Helps deter bugs.
DoTerra terrashield – Helps deter bugs.

Stay Hydrated
Age Quencher Hydrate – Sugar-free electrolytes.
Ener-C – Electrolytes + immune support.
Biosteel – Sugar-free sports drinks. 

First Aid
Arnica Homeopathic Pellets – Take orally for sprains and strains.
Arnica Gel – Use topically for sprains and strains.
Lavender Essential Oil –  Use topically for cuts, scrapes and burns.
Ledum homeopathic Pellets – For coughs, colds and allergy symptoms.
Tick Kit + Tick Tweezers – Good to have on hand, just in case!
Colloidal Silver Liquid – Can be used orally as a nasal spray for anti-bacterial support. Great for airplane travel.

Gut Support
Shelf Stable Probiotics – Great for travel or camping. It helps keep the gut happy and the immune system strong when consuming sugar, processed foods, alcohol etc.
Party Smart – Herbal supplement taken with alcohol to lessen hangover symptoms. Take a few extra to share with friends! 

Chat with our wellness staff for more recommendations. We’ve got trained nutritionists, naturopaths, herbalists, aromatherapists and beauty experts in our body care and dispensary departments ready to help! No need to put toxic products on or in your body this summer!

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